Caring for the Caucasian Scabiosa or Scabiosa

Caucasian scabiosa also known as Scabiosa . It belongs to the Dipsacaceae family, of the Scabiosa genus of annual and perennial plants. It is native to the Caucasus.

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Characteristics of the Caucasian Scabiosa

Perennial plant that is  treated as an annual and reaches a height of 40 cm or a little more.

The leaves are opposite, the roots are whole and ovate-lanceolate, while the caulinares are toothed or pennatifid, grayish-green in color and somewhat tomentose.

The flowers are solitary, with a single or double corolla, washed blue in color. Although there are hybrids of lavender blue, lilac or white, among others. It blooms in the summer.

Caring for the Caucasian Scabiosa

It is a plant  that is used for edges, flower beds, to give life to rockery, steep slopes and slopes.

It needs to be in full sun, so if it is located in places where winter weather is cold, it is necessary to keep it sheltered.

As for the soil, it must be of good quality and with good drainage so that it produces healthy and vigorous specimens.

Irrigation must be very little, because excess can damage it.

Pruning should be done when the flower is withered to allow for new shoots.

Composting should be done every 15-20 days, either with a liquid fertilizer or a slow-release granular fertilizer that is spread around the plant at the start of the season.

It is propagated by means of seeds that are planted directly when spring has already started, or by division of the bush. The seeds should be stored in a dry place for use the following season.


  • Plant that is attractive to insects such as butterflies and bees.
  • Although it is a small plant, it has large flowers that captivate with their beauty.

So there is no doubt that this plant can be in your garden and captivate with the beauty of its flowers. Now that if you have the happiness of having it, share with us some tricks so that it is always healthy and full of life.

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