Caring for the Foam Flower or Tiarella

The genus Tiarella is made up of about 60 species of perennial herbaceous plants . It is also known as Flower of foam or Tiarela and they belong to the Saxifragáceas family, being native to North America and the Himalayas.

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Characteristics of the Tiarella

They are creeping or covering plants between 20 and 30 cm high. The leaves are similar to those of the genus Heuchera, they are moss green in color with long peduncles and are usually simple or trifoliate. The flowers are small and appear in clusters that protrude from the leaves at the top, white and slightly pink.

Foam Flower Care

They are species that are used to cover shady areas under trees or large bushes . They are excellent to combine with shade plants whose foliage is very attractive such as Hebe shrubs, Corepsis, Miniature Chrysanthemums, Veronica plant, Vinca variegata, Anthuriums, Shrimp Shrub and Osteospurmums.

It needs a shade or semi-shade exposure, but it is capable of living with direct sun, although it surely will not look good. But if it is resistant to frost.

It requires a good soil with forest soil and abundant water with organic matter so that it can grow vigorously.

Irrigation should be normal so that the earth is moist, but it should never be flooded. If it is in a Mediterranean climate, it will be necessary to water more often in the summer. Just taking into account not to overdo it with the liquid so that the roots do not rot and it can die.

It does not require pruning, but its growth would have to be controlled because it spreads very quickly and, with this, prevents it from becoming invasive.

Being resistant plants they are not usually attacked by pests or diseases, so it can remain in the garden without the greatest problem.

The ideal way to propagate is by division of clumps or rhizomes in late summer.

A plant that could be the protagonist of green spaces. So since it does not require much care, it would be well worth having it at home. Even for those people who are just entering the world of gardening, what do you say? Do you dare to have it now? Now that if it already belongs to your green space, tell us about your experience.

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