Cassava or Cassava, benefits and nutritional properties

Arepitas de yuca, casabe, yuca cake, chulitos, yuca with mojo, enyucado, yuca stuffed with cheese and chili, yuca spiderlings, yuca pudding, farofa, yuca fritters, yuca puree … do you know them? All of them are recipes or dishes of the traditional gastronomy of Central American countries and other American countries such as the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Venezuela, Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina.

The uses in the kitchen of cassava are very diverse and it can be prepared in different ways: fried, roasted in the oven, in stews, grated, ground, steamed, cooked, etc. It can be the main ingredient or a delicious side dish. And it is also used in both sweet recipes and savory dishes.

If you want to know what cassava is, what it is for and what this food is good for, keep reading as we tell you everything.


What is cassava or cassava?

La Yuca , also called manioc , guacamota or cassava , scientific name Manihot esculenta , is the tuber of a perennial shrub of the family of Euphorbiaceae . We are going to know in this article about the benefits and properties of cassava or manioc.

Cassava is grown mainly in America, Asia and Africa where it is used in their traditional gastronomy to prepare a multitude of cooking recipes . Tapioca is obtained from one of the varieties of sweet cassava .

Nutritionally, cassava is a beneficial food to introduce into the diet, since it has nutritional properties similar to potatoes , tiger nuts and sweet potatoes , being very rich in complex carbohydrates, that is, it provides Lots of energy. But in addition, the guacamota is rich in vitamins and minerals that are very important to maintain good health and take care of ourselves. If cassava is not produced where you live, you will surely be able to find potatoes or sweet potatoes.

We are going to know what cassava or cassava is good for and its nutritional properties. You can also read other articles on nutrition

Nutritional properties of cassava or manioc

This tuber, along with rice and corn , is an important part of the diet of millions of people on different continents.

Cassava is a food rich in complex carbohydrates (mainly starch), fiber, it also contains small amounts of vegetable protein and fat. Of every 100 grams of cassava, 38 grams are carbohydrates (including almost 2 grams of fiber), 1.4 grams are vegetable protein and 0.3 grams are fat (includes omega 3 and 6).

Regarding vitamins , this tuber has (from highest to lowest content) Choline, C, B3, Betaine, E, Pantothenic acid, B6, B6, B1, A, Folic acid (B9) and K. Among the minerals of the cassava, are potassium, phosphorus , magnesium , calcium , sodium, zinc, iron , envelope and selenium.

Do you want to know how many calories cassava has ? For every 100 grams, cassava has 160 kcal. So that you can compare, the potato or potato has 77 and the sweet potato or sweet potato has 86 calories per 100 grams.

Cassava or guacamot has energetic, cleansing, cholesterol-lowering, neurostimulating, antithrombotic, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, immunostimulating, antibacterial action (external use).

Benefits of consuming cassava or manioc

Yucca It is a satiating food

Improves blood circulation and contributes to taking care of our cardiovascular health (which is one of the leading causes of mortality)

If you have a delicate stomach, cassava is a perfect food for you.

It provides a lot of energy , it is therefore excellent for athletes, children and active people.

Cassava is easily digestible

It is a natural source of antioxidants

It can be an effective food in cases of diarrhea

It contains folates or folic acid, a very important nutrient during pregnancy that helps prevent defects in the development of the fetus.

Helps prevent thrombus formation

As it does not contain gluten, it is an excellent option for celiacs to replace cereals with gluten and obtain a good source of carbohydrates.

Improves uric acid and gout cases

Cassava helps us maintain strong and healthy hair and nails

Cassava improves our defenses

It is a beneficial food during all stages of life.

With this food we prevent or combat iron deficiency anemia

Helps us maintain strong teeth and bones

May improve cases of hypertension

It is an especially beneficial food for people who have continuous physical activity.

cook cassava How is cassava cooked?

Cassava always has to be peeled before cooking and remove the central part, which is the most fibrous.

It can be prepared cooked, fried or it can even be ground to obtain flour and prepare recipes such as delicious muffins.

As I mentioned before, you can cook cassava as you would cook potatoes or sweet potatoes.

You can serve it combined or as an accompaniment to another main dish.

Dare to experiment with this healthy food and you will see that the recipes are always delicious.


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