Celosia argentea, whose main characteristic is its feather-shaped inflorescence

Silver Celosia also known as Cockscomb , Fan, Plume or Velvet. The genus Celosia is made up of about 60 annual species that come from Asia, Africa and America. It belongs to the Amaranteceae family.

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Characteristics of the Celosia argentea

Annual plant with an erect stem and compact growth. The leaves are alternate, lanceolate, with well-marked veins, light green, reddish or purple in color. The flowers can vary in their color, either pink, red, orange, yellow or white, being inflorescences in the form of feathers or plumes.

Silver Celosia care

It is a plant to form curbs and the cultivation of pots and planters. Even as a cut flower to decorate centerpieces and vases.

It is a species that prefers sunny places, but adapts to all kinds of climates. Although it should be noted that it does not support drafts or cold.

As for the soil, limestone, rich in organic matter and with good drainage, do very well. Root waterlogging and very dense plantings should be avoided.

Watering should be more frequently in the summer, but carefully monitored to avoid waterlogging, as it could cause chlorosis.

Pruning is only to remove wilted flowers and leaves to allow for vigorous growth.

The fertilizer should be with a liquid fertilizer for plants, which will be placed every 3 weeks.

It is a species that can be susceptible to attack by mites.

It is multiplied by seeds in the month of March and it is transplanted in the final place when it reaches 10 cm in height.


The cockscomb is used as a medicinal plant. As a heart disease tonic and laxative. The substances they contain tone the heart, although in very high doses it can be very dangerous.

It is also used to combat diabetes and varicose veins. In addition to having diuretic and antibacterial properties.

An oil is extracted from the seeds that is used against scurvy. Even for diarrhea and intestinal parasites.

So if having a garden full of plants and flowers is in your plans, this can be a great option. Just consider where to have it because it requires certain care so that it looks spectacular with those beautiful colors. Are you up for it? But if you already have it, do not forget to give a few tips so that it is always healthy.

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