Characteristics and care of Dasylirion glaucophyllum

Dasylirion glaucophyllum  also known Dasilirion, Sotol de Hidalgo or Bonapartea azul. It belongs to the Agavaceae family of the genus Dasylirio. Being originally from Central America and East of Mexico.

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Characteristics of the Dasylirion glaucophyllum

Slow-growing plant with a short, robust stem, with a rounded crown that can reach up to a meter in height and perhaps up to 3 m in the garden.

The leaves are linear, leathery, with lateral spines, 1 m long and bluish-green in color, with spines on the margin and a tuft of white fibers at the tip.

It produces panicles of small cream-colored flowers. It blooms in the summer.

Dasylirion glaucophyllum care

It is an ideal species for rockery, gardens and in general for low-maintenance garden areas.

It requires full sun exposure, with a dry environment and warm temperatures. But it is able to tolerate frosts down to -8˚C.

As for the soil, this should be a mixture of 25% garden soil, 50% decomposed leaf mulch, 1/3 humus, 35% coarse sand, and 1/3 balls of clay .

It is transplanted in early spring, if the roots were to protrude from the pot. In addition, it is resistant to drought and survives in arid terrain.

Irrigation should be moderate, hoping that the soil dries very well. In winter, watering should be drastically minimized.

Composting can be light with compost, but it is not necessary. It should be done in early spring.

Pruning is only to remove dry or wilted leaves and thus it can grow vigorously.

Although it is considered a specimen resistant to pests and diseases, it can be attacked by fungi, if there is an excess of humidity.

It multiplies by means of seeds sown in the spring. But it is worth mentioning that it is a slow process, so it is recommended to acquire the plant in specialized nurseries.

Although it does not have a spectacular flowering, which if it is still beautiful. So if you have that ideal space, do not hesitate to buy it so that it gives that unique touch.

But if you know it, we are willing to listen to those tips to keep it in good condition.

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