Characteristics and care of Eremerus stenophyllus

Eremerus stenophyllus  also known as Desert Candlestick, Foxtail Lily, or Foxtail . It belongs to the Asphodelaceae family and is native to central to western Asia.

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The name in this genre comes from “ekemos” which means lonely and “oura” which means high.

Characteristics of the Eremerus stenophyllus

Bulbous perennial plant with fleshy roots and an erect bearing that can grow to a height of 1 to 1.5 m.

The leaves are deciduous, basal, strap-shaped and dense, pale green clusters that die after flowering.

The star-shaped, yellow flowers are borne in a cluster.

Eremerus stenophyllus care

The Eremerus stenophyllus  is a plant  excellent for mixed borders. In addition, it is ideal for planting along walls or fences.

It is a species that needs to be in full sun, but keeping it sheltered from the winds.

Winter frosts can damage the roots, so it should be mulched with mulch or dry leaves.

As for the soil, it requires that it be rich, fresh and well drained. The rhizomes are planted 10 to 15 cm deep in the fall.

It is necessary to provide constant moisture in the growing season, without allowing the soil to dry out completely. In flowering, the ideal is to minimize watering.

It does not require pruning and is generally free of pests and diseases.

It is propagated by dividing plants (after flowering) or seeds. The latter are planted in pots in a cold blanket in the fall

This species becomes a show of color, so it would be worth having it in the garden or green space.

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