Characteristics and care of the Lotus berthelotii

Lotus berthelotii is also known as Cuernecillo, Pico de loro or Pico de paloma . It belongs to the Fabaceae family, being of the Lotus genus, which is made up of about 150 species of flowering plants. It is native to Cape Verde, Canary Islands.

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Characteristics of the Lotus berthelotii

Evergreen shrub with a hanging habit , which reaches 20 to 25 cm in height. The leaves are acicular, silver-green in color that contrast with the red, yellow or orange color of its flowers. The latter in the shape of a bird’s or llama’s beak. It blooms from mid spring to summer.

Caring for the Lotus berthelotii

It is a species suitable for rockery, for hanging pots and as a covering plant, since it is considered a very beautiful covering plant.

It is a species that requires full sun in order to grow optimally. Although it thrives in semi-shadow. It tolerates the marine environment and drought, but it does not resist frost, since it would be fatal for it if the temperature drops to 2˚C.

As for the soil, it requires that it be siliceous sand with a light contribution of organic matter and well drained to avoid flooding.

It should be clamped regularly to help stimulate flowering and even keep it compact. Ideally, transplant it in the spring when the roots peek out from under the pot.

Irrigation should be moderate, hoping that the land is almost completely dry.

Composting  should be done every 15 days in the spring. While in the summer with a mineral fertilizer for succulents.

It is a very resistant species to pests and diseases, so the only drawback they present is excess humidity and intense cold.

It is multiplied by means of cuttings, for which it must be done in the spring or summer, by seeds in the spring, or by division of the bush, as long as it is with adult specimens.

You like? Surely you will agree with me, that being such a beautiful plant, it deserves a place in that green space or garden, since its presence speaks for itself Now that if you already know it and it is part of your home, do not hesitate to tell us all your secrets so that you stay radiant and very healthy.

Images courtesy of: John Rusk , Cultivar413

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