Chelsea Flower Show: New Ideas for Urban Garden Containers

The Chelsea Flower Show event is a great exhibition on gardening, flowers, furniture and ideas for the orchard and garden. It is a great world meeting that has been held in London for more than 50 years.  It brings together hundreds of companies from the gardening and outdoor furnishing industry, urban farmers from London’s major orchards and community gardens , flower, fruit and vegetable growers, and thousands of gardening and gardening enthusiasts.  

This year the centenary institution Royal Horticultural Society (in Spanish Real Sociedad de Horticultura ) organized the 55th  edition of this great gardening fair: the C helsea Flower Show 2017, also traditionally known as the Great Spring Show . It took place last month, May 23-27, 2017, and we were there to see it!

As in other blog posts, today we will tell you what we saw in this event on urban agriculture around the world :

  • Vertical gardens
  • Grow cabinets
  • Shelters for beneficial insects in the vegetable garden and garden
  • Original culture vessels

…. and much more!

Vertical Gardening at  Chelsea Flower Show

We have already seen in some other post interesting aspects and ideas to set up a vertical garden , but at the  Chelsea Flower Show we saw new ideas to transform a patio or garden into a place with a lot of style.

Like these these original recycled containers to hang on the wall:

Or these modular containers to install a striking vegetable garden or vertical garden of the size we need:

At the demo there was also a large vertical frame for growing strawberries,  which they made from dozens of these little plastic containers. Isn’t it amazing? Perfect for a big crop of strawberries in the garden and best of all, it takes up a lot less garden space and there is no stooping to pick the strawberries.

Grow cabinets

Grow tents are a good idea for growing plants indoors, and also for gardening and protecting plants from adverse phenomena such as frost, too intense sun or heavy rain. 

These grow tents we saw at the Chelsea Flower Show are perfect for any small space, and add a special touch to any garden: 

Home of insects

A few months ago I told you in another blog entry about how they had built the home of insects in a community garden in Madrid to raise beneficial insects .

In this case we have seen something similar at the Chelsea Flower Show, only half built. I am referring to this structure in the shape of a honeycomb, where the different materials that will serve as a refuge for beneficial insects, such as bees, ladybugs … Also, as you can see, it can be used to store firewood or other materials.

Original culture vessels

A long time ago I posted a post about urban garden growing containers , with a lot of types of containers for garden and garden plants, but at this great London exhibition we saw even more original and beautiful containers.

Like these playful modular boxes:
Or these textile grow bags:

More about this great exhibition of gardening, decoration and horticulture

If you want to see more about who was and what was seen at this event, take a look at the official page of the Flower Show 2017  .

Although the Chelsea Flower Show has now come to an end, there is plenty of information on their website about various events and activities that will be organized in some of London’s community gardens and community gardens over the next few months . They also have information on courses, tips for urban gardeners and garden enthusiasts … I’m sure you like it as much as I do!

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