Cherries, benefits and nutritional properties

The cherries are fleshy fruits and sweet cherry ( Prunus avium ), trees belonging to the botanical family Rosaceae , which are mainly in areas with temperate climates.

Cherries are one of the seasonal fruits of spring and summer and are highly appreciated by young and old for their sweet-tasting flesh and their refreshing effect. Other fruits that we like during the hottest months are melon , peach or watermelon .

We are going to know the nutritional value and the benefits and nutritional properties of cherries , which will surely surprise you. And also, at the end of the article I leave you my video in which I tell you what are the nutritional virtues of the cherry that you should know.

Nutritional value of cherries

Almost 85% of the cherry is water, it has practically zero fat content, small amounts of vegetable protein and the rest are carbohydrates.

Cherries give us mainly vitamin C , vitamins of group B as B9 or folate and vitamin . As for minerals , this fruit contains potassium, phosphorus , calcium and magnesium .

Cherries have only 60 calories per 100 grams of fruit (almost the same as apple ). This means that they are a particularly beneficial food for overweight or obese people who are dieting to lose weight .

When is it better to eat cherries? Whenever you want! Cherries are a great option to have as a dessert, to snack between meals, to include them in a snack and for breakfast.

Nutritional properties of cherries and benefits of their consumption

cherry properties This fruit participates in the prevention of chronic and degenerative diseases such as osteoporosis, cardiovascular diseases or cancer.

Cherries are an excellent ally for cases of gout or high uric acid .

Cherries contribute to the proper functioning of our nervous and muscular systems due to their potassium and magnesium content. ,

Eating this fruit not only provides us with the vitamins and minerals that our body needs but also provides us with water that will promote hydration of our body , something very important during the hottest months.

Cherries contribute to healthier and more hydrated skin and to  delay aging

This delicious fruit helps us to go to the bathroom regularly thanks to its fiber content and thus to be able to prevent constipation due to its slight laxative effect .


Anthocyanins, a component of cherries, have great antioxidant action and, among other benefits for our health, protect our blood vessels.

It is high in  potassium , excellent for regulating hypertension.

Other compounds to highlight in cherries due to their importance are monoterpenes. These have been shown in numerous studies to be efficient in preventing the development of tumor cells , specifically in the pancreas, liver, breast, lung, skin and prostate. .

It is a great food during all stages of life: children, adolescents, adults and the elderly.

A fact to keep in mind: Black cherries contain more iron, magnesium and potassium than the other varieties that are lighter.

And as a curiosity….

Do you know the differences between cherry and pillory?

These are the main differences between cherries and picotas:

  • The pillory is a type of cherry that is produced in Extremadura, specifically, in the Jerte Valley and has a Protected Designation of Origin ( PDO ).
  • The pillories do not have the tail (peduncle) and the other cherries do.
  • The pillory stone is slightly larger than that of the rest of the cherries.
  • In size, the pillory is somewhat smaller than the other cherries, but it has a more intense and sweeter flavor.
  • The color of the cherry is also more intense than that of the other cherries.

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