Coconut oil: properties, benefits and how to use it

Do you know coconut oil or butter? Since ancient times , coconut oil has been used for nutritional and therapeutic purposes due to its properties and health benefits. But it is also used as a natural product for beauty, skin and hair care , but also among its uses stands out to regulate metabolism and weight when you want to lose weight or to strengthen the immune system.

Coconut oil or butter has more than 90% saturated oils and is obtained from the meat or pulp of the coconut, the fruit of the coconut tree ( Cocos nucifera ).

One of the components of coconut oil is lauric acid, which offers many benefits to our health , among others, to eliminate pathogenic bacteria or some viruses. Another component that it has are antioxidant phenolic acids, which protect us against free radicals and cardiovascular diseases. .

It is important that you use a  coconut oil that is certified organic or bio and of first cold pressing. And if you want to use it for food consumption, make sure that the label clearly indicates that it is suitable for internal use.

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Coconut oil benefits

Due to the components of the oil that we have highlighted above, this wonderful oil has action:

  • Antifungal: fight fungi
  • Cardioprotective: protects the cardiovascular system
  • Antioxidant: stops free radical damage
  • Digestive: improves digestion
  • Antimicrobial: fights pathogens
  • Antiviral: fight against viruses.

Below you can see a video with the most notable facts about coconut oil:

Properties and uses of coconut oil

Has antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic properties

Improves and facilitates heavy digestions

It has a sun protection factor 7, interesting to protect the skin and hair from the sun

Helps relieve menopausal symptoms such as sweats, hot flashes, insomnia, fatigue, etc.

Has anti-inflammatory action

You can use it as a lip balm for dry lips

Take care of our oral health by avoiding the formation of dental plaque and cavities 

Due to its power to eliminate fungi, it is used to combat Candidiasis ( candida albicans )

It is an excellent source of energy

It favors the digestion of fats , something that especially benefits people who do not have a gallbladder.

Coconut oil is a natural remedy to prevent stretch marks or reduce them if you already have them

Helps you control frizzy or frizzy hair

It is used to eliminate lice

Promotes the proper functioning of the immune system

Use as a body cream to hydrate and nourish the skin to keep it young

Coconut oil stimulates the metabolism

It is very effective in caring for the skin after shaving or waxing

Strengthens thyroid function

In cosmetics we can use it to remove makeup as long as we take care of the skin in a natural way.

It is especially recommended for people with diabetes since coconut oil does not produce insulin spikes in the blood.

Reduces the chances of suffering from cardiovascular diseases

Studies have been carried out on the consumption of coconut oil and diseases such as Alzheimer’s, senile dementia, Parkinson’s, among others, and this has shown that patients improved their memory and cognitive abilities.

A study carried out with obese women showed that coconut oil favored the elimination of abdominal fat

It takes care of the general health of the skin, delaying the appearance of expression wrinkles as well as the damage of free radicals, avoiding flaking, dryness and redness.

Balances cholesterol levels

Provides shine and vitality to damaged hair .

Combat dandruff and other scalp problems .

How to use coconut oil or butter?

  • In gastronomy you can use it like any other oil or butter : in the preparation of desserts, to dress salads, make sauces, make stir-fries, etc. In fact, coconut oil is the best option for frying food as it resists high temperatures and does not oxidize like olive oil.
  • It is also used to perform oil pulling and prevent disease.
  • To improve the skin, it is simply applied like any other oil or bodymilk, by means of a massage.
  • For the hair, apply a little coconut oil in the palm of your hand, rub both hands to warm it up a bit and apply directly to the hair .
  • In addition, you can use coconut oil or butter to make homemade soaps, toothpaste, as a lip balm and as a deodorant by applying it directly to the armpit. You can see how to do them in the home remedies section


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