Composite plants that bloom in summer

The composites, also called asteraceae, gather more than 23 thousand species of plants distributed in 1600 genera, making them the angiosperms with the greatest biological diversity on the planet. Next, I will leave you with two compound plants that bloom in summer . Take note of them.

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The Gynura sarmentosa , is part of the compound family and is native to India. It is a perennial herbaceous plant, with slightly branched stems and covered with purple hairs; that can reach 30 cm in height.

Its leaves are lanceolate, serrated on the margin, and covered by a dense light purple hairs. Its flowers are small yellowish orange chapters and appear in summer; although flowering should be avoided.

It prefers a substrate soil with peat, river undertow and black earth in equal parts, and an intense luminosity, with direct sunlight, except at noon in the summer. Its resistance to cold is low; is harmed with less than 12 ° C.

Water abundantly and every 3 days in summer; moderate and weekly in winter. Fertilize with a solution of 0.5 grams of ammonium sulfate per liter of water; twice in summer. It propagates by cuttings at any time of the year, with temperatures between 18 ° and 21 ° C and controls aphids with systemic amateurs. Renew the plant every 2-3 years.


The cosmos is part of the family of composites and is originally from Mexico. It is a herbaceous, annual plant; It can reach 0.50-1.50 meters tall in height.

Its leaves are compound and with linear segments. Its flowers are solitary chapters with violet, white, pink or red ligules and a yellow center; 5-7 centimeters in diameter; appear in summer.

It prefers a fertile, deep and loose soil; with river and sand undertow, and an intense luminosity, with direct sunlight. It is sensitive to frost.

Water abundantly and every 3 days. Fertilize with 300 grams of bone meal per square meter of flowerbed. Propagate by sowing in spring and plant outdoors after the frosty period.

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What do you think of these composite plants that bloom in summer ? Leave your comments.

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