Cultivation of the lotus flower by means of the tubers

Lotus flowers are aquatic plants of great beauty, which stand out for their great variety of colors and sizes. The cultivation can be carried out by means of the tubers or their seeds . However, the seeds do not flower during the first year.

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Cultivation by means of tubers

Place the tuber  in a large bowl. Fill the bowl with water and leave the tuber on the surface of the water. It should float.

Next, put the bowl near a window where it gets direct sunlight, and change the water every 4 to 6 days.

After a few weeks the tuber will begin to germinate.

Choose a good size container (it will depend on the type of plant, since some tend to grow a lot).

Make sure the pot has no holes, as the plant could grow out of the holes, which would be a disaster with very bad results.

Fill the pot with soil. The ideal soil is one that is composed of 60% clay and 40% river sand. Leave about 5-10 cm of clearance between the top of the soil and the edge of the container.

Place the pot in a pond . The level of the water surface should be as high as the pot.

Put the tuber on top of the ground. But this should be placed horizontally with the back next to the wall of the pot and the growing point towards the center. The growth points should unfold upwards.

Then gently press the tuber into the ground so that it is anchored (but without burying itself too much).

The surface of the water should be slightly higher than the top of the petiole.

After a few days, place the pot in the pond. Indicating that the plant is ready for deeper water (petioles show leaves).

Now place a stone on top of the tuber to sink it, otherwise it will float to the surface.

Basic care of the lotus flower

Keep at a water temperature of 21˚C. The plant only grows at those temperatures. So you should give it as much sun as possible. You can remove the foliage of other plants that block the light. But if the temperatures exceed 35˚C, it is necessary to give shade to prevent the leaves from burning.

After time, the plant will begin to grow and the yellow leaves should be removed, but only the stems cut above the water surface.

Fertilize, using pond tablets.

Take care of the leaves from pests, as aphids and caterpillars are attracted to them. So you can apply powdered pesticide, but in minimal amounts.

It is advisable to change the tubers in the pots every year. Do it in the spring, when you have developed new growth.

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