Cuttings and layering, two ways to reproduce or multiply plants

Cuttings and layering are two easy ways to reproduce or multiply garden and garden plants .

I am going to give you some practical advice from my experiences so that it is easier for you to multiply plants without resorting to sowing seeds.

How to make cuttings

Cuttings are stems or branches that we have obtained from a mother plant that we plant in a substrate rich in organic matter so that it produces its own roots and gives a new plant just like the mother.

We will select the strongest and lustrous plants from which to take the cuttings, and depending on their size, the cuttings will be more or less long and will always be in proportion to the size of the mother plant. In general, it is recommended that the cutting does not exceed 15 cm in length.

Preferably we will make the cuttings in spring avoiding too hot and dry days. I also advise you to water the night before so that the cutting has better resistance.

Once we have cut the branch or stem below one of the nodes, we remove the leaves and buds that it may have in the lower part but leave the buds and leaves that are in the upper part, this will serve to improve rooting. By the way, to stimulate root development you can do this   and make a small cut at the base. Then we plant it at an approximate depth that is equal to or greater than half its length.

The substrate where we plant the cutting must be rich in organic matter and have good drainage. Just as important is to protect the cutting from winds and direct sun, especially if it is already hot.

Depending on the plant and the conditions of the cutting, we will see that it begins to develop and new buds and leaves begin to sprout. At that time we will be able to transplant the plant to a sunnier area.

How to layer

Layers can be made in spring and autumn. With the layering we get new plants by burying a portion of one of the branches of the mother plant in the earth to which we have previously made a small cut with a clean razor. This substrate must always be kept with a certain humidity and must be rich in organic matter. Once the branch begins to develop roots, we can cut the branch to divide the mother plant from the new plant.

 Air layering is achieved by tying a black plastic bag filled with wet peat or substrate rich in organic matter to a branch until it takes root.

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