Daisies most often grown

Daisy is from the Asteraceae family , which includes more than 20,000 different species. This family of plants compete directly with orchids, being of a large number of species. However, you might know the most common daisies that can be grown in the garden.

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The daisies


It is a very hardy wildflower that has a deep burgundy-red center, which is complemented by lighter hues on the inner edge of the petals. The ends of the petals are deep orange and yellow. It is grown in well-drained soils, but is able to withstand prolonged drought.

Maganza or Argyranthemum frutescens

Native plant of the Canary Islands. It has white, yellow or pink petals and can be double or single flowers. It grows very well in rich, well-fertilized, well-drained soils. It requires constant watering, since otherwise it can wither quickly.

Giant Daisy or Shasta Daisy

It is a plant that is characterized by its dimensions and a white bloom with a yellow button. They are daisies that are grown in full sun, but can also be placed in partial shade. It requires soils with good drainage. They are ideal for gardens and flower arrangements.

Purple coneflower

It is a type of daisy that can measure up to 120 cm in height and is native to North America. The petals are deep purple while the button is large and sticks out. This button is made up of small flowers. It is grown in moist soils with partial sun. It is recognized for its great medicinal uses.

Daisy gerber

They are very beautiful flowers and are very attractive to birds and butterflies. It has a dark center and long, brightly colored petals that flare outwards. It is native to Madagascar, Asia, and South Africa. Unlike many daisies it is a very sensitive plant. It is used in bouquets and flower arrangements. They require sun exposure and well-drained soil.

So if you have a very colorful garden, surely you have a variety of daisy. If so, tell us if it is from this list and what are the care that you carry out so that it looks spectacular and vigorous. It’s worth getting a few. What do you think? Are they one of your favorite flowers?

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