Davalia Propagation, Problems and Species

Ferns of the genus Davalia are ideal for baskets or hanging baskets. It encompasses a group of plants that grow on trees, all of them native to Australia, Indonesia, Japan, Africa and the Canary Islands. They can be used as indoor plants, since they are very easy to grow and care for because they do not require too much humidity.

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Davalia Propagation

When winter is over, before the growing season is over, cut the rhizomes into 7 cm pieces and insert them into a peat compost and keep them moist in a warm place. In just a couple of weeks you will see how its roots begin to develop. Another method of propagating Davallia is to plant spores in a compost made from sand and peat; If you have a propagator, use it in such a way that temperatures are between 15 and 24 ° C. The humidity has to be constant. Cultivated in this way, ferns will not mature until just two years later.

Davallia problems

If you notice that its fronds are falling or turning brown, this is due to the lack of water. Cut the dried fronds and submerge the plant in water. Once in place, don’t forget to water it and spray it regularly, keeping it away from cold drafts.

Davallia species

  • Davalia canariensis : it is a plant native to the Canary Islands that has fronds 30 cm long, green and triangular in shape. Its roots are covered with brownish scales and grow along the surface of the compost.
  • mariesii: also known as Davallia bullata, it is a plant of Japanese origin that has a rhizome and hairy, brownish and tender; Its fronds are green in color and turn brown when the plant matures.
  • fijiensis : it is native to the Fiji Islands. It has fleshy brown roots. When it grows wild, it reaches the size of a tree. The feathery D. is one of the most popular, native varieties of Polynesia. Its rhizomes are tender and soft and it has arched leaves and feather-like leaflets.

When you buy a Davallia, always choose a specimen that is small, not only because it is cheaper but because it has green, wavy and fresh leaves. Never buy a Davalia with damaged tips, because silver will wear out quickly.

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