Discover everything about the agate potato

The world of potatoes has many different specimens, each of which shows its special characteristics, for which they are often used for this or that thing in the culinary world.

Today we will talk about the agate potato, which is widely used because, according to specialists, it is one of the types of potato indicated for making all kinds of stews, steaming, or simply for baking. This makes it very popular and makes it one of the most popular.

Characteristics of the agate potato

One of the first characteristics that makes this type of potatoes a very useful one is that it is usually of the early harvest and in the world of commerce this is very precious, since it will present a uniform appearance due to this.

It is a tuber that in its larger specimens will present an oblong shape, while when smaller types are found, they will appear rounder. In all cases, its thin skin shows characteristics of softness, which when extracted reveals the completely yellowish and uniform tone of the potato.

When an agate potato is cross-cut, it will appear well hydrated, with a particular amount of water. This also means that they contain a large amount of starch, something that makes it very special for the preparation of certain dishes, including stuffed potatoes and gnocchi, among many other culinary delights from different parts of the world.


The agate potato is increasingly used throughout the world, but it is in certain areas of Europe, preferably in Spain and France, where it is grown more frequently and is constantly used in different types of traditional dishes from those areas.

The sowing of these crops is usually carried out on two particular dates of the year, which are the last days of August and the beginning of April. On these two dates, the agate potato will be in its perfect form, having also been cultivated at the precise moment for its correct development.

The best development of this type of potato will be provided at a specific temperature between 12 and 13 degrees Celsius, this means that the range between 10 and 20 ° C is the right one for this type of potato to develop fully..

In the event that the temperature in the growing habitat is at or below 0 ° C, the tuber plant will die. In the case of exceeding the maximum recommended temperature for its development, it will surely continue to live, but a little more exhaustive precautions will have to be taken.

Connoisseurs and producers of the agate potato know that the best month of the year to start with the crops is during October, so that it has the tubers developed for the month of April. This has to do with the fact that the last months of the year are the ones with the highest rainfall rates, so it will not require much irrigation for its proper development.


The agate potato comes precisely from France and is usually used in the world of European gastronomy, among which the Spanish one, is usually one of the most used dishes with this variety.

This is usually known as a potato for infinite uses, but taking into account that in its composition it has large amounts of water and starch, it is often said that it is a special potato for cooking and steaming. That is why it is considered as a perfect garnish for different types of meat, poultry and fish.

This characteristic is what makes it not the most suitable for frying, as the water in the hot oil will generate bubbles and the potato will darken. The agate potato is one of the most widely used and cultivated varieties in Europe, and you can enjoy it in most of your meals and recipes.

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