Discover the beauty of the flowers of Tithonia rotundifolia

Tithonia rotundifolia  also known as Mexican Sunflower or Mexican Sunflower. It belongs to the Asteraceae family just like the true Sunflower. It is native to Mexico and the Southwest of the United States.

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Characteristics of the Tithonia rotundifolia

Herbaceous annual plant that can measure up to 2 m in height.

The stems thicken and tend to lignify, it emits several erect branches, green in color with a dense layer of small filaments.

The leaves are large, single or multi-lobed, petiolate, with a slightly serrated margin and a greenish hue.

The flowers are arranged in inflorescences, with 2 rows of bracts, ligulate, of an intense orange color. It blooms in the spring and summer.

The fruit is a brown achene.

Tithonia rotundifolia care

It is a species  that is grown as an ornamental in the garden, or in a pot.

It needs to be placed in full sun, so it is resistant to heat and drought. If it is placed in a pot, it should receive about 6 to 8 hours of sun.

But it is not able to tolerate the shade and the cold.

As for the soil, it must be loose and rich in organic matter. It does not tolerate compact substrates that puddle easily.

Watering should be done frequently in the warm seasons. That is, 1 or 2 times every 15 days, although it adapts to dry seasons.

Pruning will be done by pinching the apex of the stems in the early stages of development.

The payment must be made on a weekly basis.

It is a resistant plant, but it can be susceptible to attack by whiteflies, mealybugs, aphids and nematodes that attack the root system.

It is propagated by means of seeds. The sowing time is in the winter and spring. It germinates at the end of 5 to 10 days at a temperature of between 18 to 20˚C.

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