Discover the characteristics, care and cultivation of Achira

The varieties of Achira with double flowers grown in the garden are hybrids that are achieved by crossing with Canna flaccida, indica, coccinea and glauca , which are grouped under the name Canna generalis . In this post you will learn about the characteristics, care and cultivation of Achira .

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Achira Characteristics

The Achira is a herbaceous , rhizomatous plant that can reach up to 1.5 m in height. Its leaves are up to 40 cm long, green or reddish-purple. Its flowers are of varied colors and can be smooth or streaked, and are arranged in a terminal inflorescence. The flowering period begins in early summer and ends with frost.

Achira care

It adapts very well to terrains with different characteristics, although it prefers loose, fertile and well-drained soil that is more than 30 cm deep. On the other hand, you will have to fertilize with 150 g of bone meal with the rhizome planting to favor the growth of the specimen. At the beginning of summer, add 5 g of compound fertilizer around each plant and in the second year add 50 g of bone meal and 10 g of compound fertilizer, when the plant begins its spring budding.

Until the rotation begins in the spring, weekly watering will be necessary; every four days in the growing cap and every two days during flowering, avoiding wetting the flowers and leaves. L to Achira flourishes in places with more than six hours of sunlight directly and does not thrive near trees or shrubs that require too much moisture and nutrients from the soil.

Plant the Achira protected from the cold southeast wind and watch out for sunlight reflecting off white walls, as it can burn flowers and foliage.

How to cultivate the Achira?

Plant the Achira in the garden from the end of the first spring month at the end of the frost period. In the planting place, stir up to 30 cm deep and incorporate the bone meal into the soil. Bury the rhizome leaving the top 5 cm deep. Increase the amount of irrigation water gradually at the time of flowering that begins in summer.

Reduce watering in late autumn, and if you wish, reproduce the Achira by sowing in spring or multiplying by division of the rhizome.

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