Discover the flower of the Pitahaya or Pitaya and the properties of its fruits

The Pitahaya flower is exotic and can be up to 30 cm long and comes in white, yellow or pink. At its base there are pointed beige or cream segments. These flowers are only present during the rainy seasons and grow on the edges of the stem. Read on to learn more about the Pitahaya or Pitaya flower .

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What is the Pitahaya flower like?

It is a nocturnal flower that when it opens is oriented towards the light of the moon and only lasts one night, which is why it is also known as a single night flower. The flowers generally begin to open at sunset, although at midnight it can be seen in its maximum splendor.

When opened they give off a delicious sweet aroma very similar to the scent of jasmine that can be felt by humans from 100 m away. But this smell is not only intended to please us, but also to attract insects to pollinate .

The same typical Pitahaya plant can give between 5-6 flowering cycles. The Pitahaya produces a fruit that is known as dragon fruit.

Properties of the Pitahaya fruit

There are two varieties of edible pitahaya fruit of various sizes and color: yellow and red. These are low-calorie fruits, so they hardly contain carbohydrates. In addition, the red variety has vitamin C, which is involved in the formation of bones, collagen, teeth, red blood cells and helps absorb iron from food.

Due to its low caloric value and antioxidant support, the Pitahaya fruit is suitable for those who are deficient in vitamin C and for those who do not tolerate citrus fruits, peppers and vegetables.

The yellow variety is available in the markets of Spain from January to March and from June to September, while the red variety is available between June and August. This fruit should be kept in a cool and dry place, away from heat sources. If you want to drink fresh, it is important to put it in the fridge before consumption.

How is the fruit of the Pitahaya consumed?

It can be consumed as fresh fruit, although it can also be used in soft drinks and cocktails, added to fruit salad, yogurt or in the preparation of ice cream, jams, jellies, jellies and sweets. In some countries it is even used as a coloring.

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