Discover the magic of plants

Since ancient times man has believed in magic and the supernatural and has often used the forces inherent in the life of plants to help him to invoke powers, both are good as evil. Witchcraft and magic have always been hand in hand and have been widely practiced in medieval Britain, and many of their rituals have come down to us through the ancient books of magical ceremonies. Read on to discover the magic of plants .

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The magic of plants

High Magic has been used to summon demons and spirits to fulfill magical instructions. Potions were drinks for the magician to attract the spirits. Plants containing hallucinogenic drugs used to stimulate the illusion of a visit from the supernatural world. In other rituals a mixture of herbs are burned, generating a strong and intense incense smell that was believed to be essential to invoke the spirits.

While invocations became demons, the magician used to draw hidden signs to spell, and it was helped with a magic wand made of wood Avellano . There is no doubt that hallucinogenic drugs of some plants were essential for practicing witchcraft. Some witches used to chew leaves of a poisonous plant called aconite and when they did, experienced convulsions and delirium, observers into believing they were possessed by the devil.

In the Middle Ages, low magic was used, which consisted of the use of amulets to protect against envy and evil spirits . To protect hexes, a small charm made from a piece of red cloth, which is filled with dry leaves was used  peony Betony and Artemis a ribbon around the neck. It was also believed that Violet was powerful Sorcerer to exorcise evil spirits, and was often used in the preparation of love potions to secure the affection of a reluctant lover.

As for the magic of plants we can also talk about one of the most famous apple plants known as Satan. This plant has a drug that can produce the feeling that you are flying, giving rise to the belief that witches flying on brooms at night. Moreover, the ancient Greeks believed that if a person down through the hole left after the removal of this plant appear in hell.

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