DIY and Crafts: How to Make Mosaics and Some Examples to Inspire You

Creating mosaics to decorate and add color in the garden, garden or at home is very simple. It is a decorative technique that consists of joining pieces of a material to create an image. They can be made from pieces of glass, tile, tesserae, ceramic, marble, slate, flagstones, tiles, pebbles …

To make a mosaic you will need: spatula or trowel, sponge, cloth, hammer, cutting pliers, grout (it is a paste that is used to fill the spaces) and adhesive or white cement (to put on the surface on which you will make the mosaic ). The material on which you can make the mosaic can be cement, wood, metal, glass, etc. First, depending on the material on which you are making the mosaic, the design that you want to create is drawn, you spread the adhesive and place the pieces to finally cover the spaces with the grout.

Wait 10 minutes and remove the excess with a sponge and let it dry for 24 or 48 hours. You can also use white cement instead of adhesive: you distribute it with the spatula and you place the pieces. To get the pieces of ceramics, glass, etc. You can do it by putting a cloth on these and tapping them carefully or also cutting with the cutting pliers. Be careful not to cut yourself, for this step it would be advisable to wear gloves.

Here are some examples of mosaics, there are some simpler and others more complex to do. Do you dare with one?

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