Do you have lemons at home? Discover what you can do with organic lemons

Surely you usually have lemons at home, right? Well, in this post we propose different ways to take advantage of them that you will love.

Lemon is an extraordinary fruit that serves multiple purposes:

Uses of lemon in the kitchen

Perfumed or flavored drink any

Adds flavor to any dish: spicy softens.

Intensifies the flavors.

ALINA salads.

Is the basis of ceviches.

Alegra pastries and desserts, either in juice or zest.

If the bark is simmered for 5 min, allowed to cool and chop it up, you can caramelize sugar and honey and then used as candied fruit scones and pastries. They can also be stored in a jar whenever it is sterilized and is filled hot.

If you like the bitter taste simply follow the same procedure by adding less sugar and you will obtain a sour lemon peel jam. And if you like something spicy taste of ginger it can add grated to the same time sugar.

lemons home remedies

Uses lemon at home

Once used the bark can be boiled at low heat for about 15minutes to obtain from the broth an effective degreaser cleaner for floors and dishes. Pure you have to use it in three days or put it in the fridge.

For home scrubbing, the proportion is 1 glass of broth per 5 liters of water plus 60 grams of borax powder and 5 drops of organic lemon essential oil. Glossy floors guaranteed.

Another trick is to add it to the dishwasher (provided it is environmentally acceptable in a ratio of 1 part lemon broth for two soap).

Well filter also serves as a softener and dark colored clothing. In white you may leave traces yellowish.

The pulp is great for polishing stainless steel in pots and sinks.

Anti-moths home: a good clean once the bark – previously boiled simmer 15minutes – without pulp must be put on a rack in the sun until dry. You can do the same with orange and tangerine peels. You can add cinnamon, cloves, lavender or lavender to your liking, put the mixture in an organza bag and then inside your closets and drawers. You’ll have to smell it occasionally to see if it is still effective and ready.

What do you have like all these uses? ¿You knew or were using any of them?

If you have tips or tricks when using lemons, share them with everyone in the comments, they sure are very useful and appreciated.

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