Do you know how to wax with sugar? Learn how to remove unwanted hair with sugaring

The depilation with sugar ( sugaring ) was performed in the Middle East and in countries like Egypt it has been used since the time of the pharaohs to remove hair unwanted in an effective way. This method is not as painful as wax and leaves a very soft skin, it is cheap and we do it ourselves in the comfort of our home.

Depilating with sugar is easy to do, it is easy to apply and it is perfectly removed without leaving any residue on the skin.

In this recipe I have included cloves (spices) because they have an anesthetic effect and rose petals because they smell very pleasant and leave the skin very soft and silky.

How to remove unwanted hair with sugar


  • 1 teaspoon cloves (whole)
  • 12 rose petals, washed and finely chopped
  • 2 tablespoons rose water (optional, here you can see how)
  • the juice of 1 whole lemon and half of another
  • 500 grams of sugar
  • 1 cotton or linen cloth or cloth


  1. In a glass jar alternate layers of sugar and petals. Let it sit in the dark for 12 to 24 hours. You will see that a kind of syrup has formed. Put it in a pan over low heat and add the cloves that you will have previously crushed in a mortar. In just a few minutes you will get a homogeneous mixture. Add the lemon juice and keep stirring as the syrup thickens.
  2. Strain the mixture to remove any remaining petals and leave it completely homogeneous and put it in the saucepan to heat it for approximately 20 minutes or until the syrup reduces and becomes darker. Remove from the heat and add the rose water, stir well. You can store it for up to 1 year in a glass jar with a hermetic seal to preserve its properties, or use it when it is warm (slightly hot).

How to use it:

  1. Use a wooden spatula or trowel to apply, in the same direction as the hair growth, a thin layer of warm syrup (check that it is not too hot by doing a little test on the forearm first).
  2. Put the cloth over the area where you have applied the syrup and press down on the cloth firmly, then pull the cloth in the opposite direction of hair growth.
  3. If the syrup gets cold, just simmer it until it’s warm again.
  4. Once the hair removal is finished, rinse the area with warm water to remove any residue

Avoid sunbathing for 24 hours after waxing

If you have sensitive skin, you can reduce irritation by pulling the hair in the same direction as its growth.

Do not use on skin with wounds, burns, eczema, psoriasis or warts.

After waxing you can apply aloe vera or this calendula oil that you can make at home.


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