Dr. Andrés Carrasco, Argentine scientist who put the biotechnology industry in check, dies

Andrés Carrasco was a professor of embryology, director of the Molecular Embryology Laboratory and principal investigator of the National Council for Scientific and Technical Research (CONICET), he had more than 35 years behind him of studies and scientific research. His state of health had suffered a significant deterioration in recent days and finally on Saturday May 10, CONICET announced his death.

Dr. Carrasco had requested the regulation of pesticides for having seen their detrimental effects on the health of living beings. In 2010 his research on the effects of the glyphosate (main ingredient in pesticide Round up of Monsanto ) health buzzed industry. The study published in the scientific journal Chemical Research in Toxicology confirmed that injecting small amounts of glyphosate caused very serious damage to health, the same that can be observed in the communities where these herbicides are applied.

Without a doubt, Dr. Andrés Carrasco, along with other scientists such as Seralini , has been very annoying for multinationals like Monsanto by showing the world the data of his studies with the severe, horrifying and irreversible effects that their herbicides cause. Of course, these unscrupulous multinationals have always denied such effects, but to date they have not demonstrated that they are harmless, a principle that they must comply with and that, I repeat, they have not yet demonstrated.

 Without a doubt, his loss is a hard blow for all of us who call for the disappearance of transgenic crops, but his great effort, his professionalism in his research and scientific work are contributions of incalculable value for the population and we must continue the fight .

Thank you for your tireless dedication DEP

You can see the last intervention of Dr. Carrasco here

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