Dried fruit, nutritional properties and health benefits

Dehydrated Fruit such as kiwi , apple , pineapple , peach or dried apricots , plum , fig , apricot , banana , mango , grapes , pear . ..they can be a delicious option for everyone when it comes to introducing fruits into our diet.

In this post we will tell you all about this interesting food and you will see comparisons in the nutrient content between fresh fruit and dehydrated fruit.

What is dehydrated fruit?

The dehydration of food is a technique that humanity has used since ancient times to preserve food and thus be able to store it for longer periods of time.

And how is it done?

The most widely used method to dehydrate or dry fruits is by heat. By means of hot air the water contained in the fruits is extracted little by little.

Water is the main component of fruits and can be present in percentages between 70 and 90%, that is, fruits are foods that contain a large amount of water.

For this reason, when the water is removed from the fruit when dehydrating it, it reduces its size and concentrates its flavor, nutrients and dietary fiber .

By concentrating its flavor, dehydrated fruit turns out to be an exceptional resource to use in Sweet Cooking Recipes in substitution (partial or total) of sweeteners such as sugar.

As with any other food, it is advisable to choose Organic Dehydrated Fruit for weight reasons: to avoid ingesting pesticide residues and to eat the highest quality food.

Dried fruit, nutritional properties and benefits

In this chart you can see the nutritional value of fresh fruit and when it is dehydrated. So you can see in a very simple way what each one of them gives us.

dried fruits

As you can see in the table of the nutritional properties of dehydrated or dried fruit, we can highlight its greater contribution of kilocalories, greater concentration in dietary fiber and minerals such as iron , calcium and magnesium .

On the other hand, fresh fruit contains more Vitamin C , an essential micronutrient so that a multitude of functions can be carried out in our body.

Even if we include dried fruits in our diet, Fresh Fruit should be the main option when it comes to eating fruit.

> Dried fruit is an excellent option to take away as a snack to nibble away from home, especially if you like sweet. This way you will avoid taking unhealthy sancks.

If you spend many hours away from home for work or studies and you cannot always carry fresh fruit with you, dehydrated fruit is a good option. It takes up very little space and we can easily carry it in our backpack or bag. Also, eating small amounts is enough.

> We can use dehydrated fruits to make homemade jams. Here is a Homemade Jam Recipe for you to see an example.

> Use dried fruit to sweeten. If you are going to prepare any sweet recipe or even infusions, smoothies, porridges, etc. you can use dried fruits instead of sweeteners. You just have to let it soak in water for 20 minutes and then whisk it with a little water.

> Dried fruit can be a good way to instill the habit of eating fruit in children. For children who find it difficult to eat fruit, dried fruits can be a way to introduce them into the daily diet. You can make a fruit salad in which you mix 1 part dehydrated fruit with two parts fresh fruit. They can also be taken to school to eat at recess.

> Dried fruit is perfect for athletes and people with high physical exhaustion. Because of how little they weigh and occupy and because of how easy it is to transport them when we go on excursions or when we do sports and due to their nutritional and energy contribution, dehydrated fruits are great to eat especially in these cases.


How do you eat dried fruit?

The simplest is to take it as is.

And as we have been pointing out throughout the post, dried or dehydrated fruit can be included in sweet recipes such as pancakes or crepes, cakes, muffins, puddings, custards, cookies, smoothies, etc. but also in salty recipes such as roasts, salads, dressings such as vinaigrettes, couscous or stews of all kinds.

It is interesting to experiment and find the mixes that each of us like the most.

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