Easy way to propagate plants

If you want to propagate the plants in your home , here we tell you what the existing methods are. Take note!

Rose propagation through cuttings

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Most of the plants that are used in the ornamentation of gardens , balconies and interiors are usually propagated by means of stakes. Stakes are vegetative parts of plants such as branches, roots, shoots or leaves, capable of producing new plants.

Stem cuttings

Branch segments containing terminal or lateral buds are used which, when placed under appropriate conditions, develop adventitious roots producing new plants. Depending on the wood of the branch used, it is divided into hard, semi-hard, soft and herbaceous wood stakes.

Hardwood stakes

This method is easy and inexpensive and is chosen for multiplying woody species with deciduous foliage . They are prepared during the dormant season, from the end of autumn until the arrival of spring, using the branches of the growth of the previous year. The cuttings should be selected from vigorous and healthy plants, developed in full sun, eliminating the small and weak internal ones.

Preparation of the stakes

  • The stakes vary in size according to the species, but generally measure from 10 to 30 cm.
  • Each stake must contain two knots.
  • You will have to make a basal cut under one node and an apical cut of 2 cm above the other node.
  • The diameter of the stake can vary between 0.5 and 2 cm.

Conditioning of stakes

The cuttings must be treated with substances that activate the rooting. Bundle them with the ends to the same side, tie them together and store in cool, damp places until spring.

During this time the bundles will have to be buried horizontally several centimeters deep. The bunches will remain in sandy soil, peat or perlite in a well-drained site, until a callus forms at the base.

The material will have to be examined periodically to avoid overdevelopment of the buds; If this happens, move the stakes to a colder place. In spring, dig up the bunches and cuttings that have formed the callus and plant them upright so that one bud sticks out of the ground. After a few weeks when the cuttings grow, water daily.

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