Eating organic is not more expensive

Today’s post is written by Africa, a woman with many concerns who wanted to share with all of us her experiences and conclusions on a “hot” topic in the world of organic products: their price.

Surely this reading encourages you to reflect on how to make good choices regarding your consumption habits and the impact they have on your health and that of the planet.

Eating organic is not more expensive

Tod @ s have spoken or heard about: ecological? Healthier? Already. But too expensive.

Tod @ s you look at the price before any other consideration. We look for discounts in all areas: clothing, footwear, household appliances, leisure and even food, ignoring the wise advice of our grandmothers who said that cheap ends up being expensive.


You may have noticed that I have included food as one more consumer good because that is what it is, unfortunately, and that is where the problem begins: we spend our lives buying food without giving it any particular value since no one has taught us that our diet conditions our health .

Hippocrates already said it – the same one who created the Hippocratic oath -: “Let your food be your food and your food be your medicine.”

Beyond the proven fact that precooked, canned and processed foods harm our health and lead to significant dietary deficiencies, no one is warning us that the wonderful Mediterranean diet is not so great when the fruits and vegetables we buy are full of chemicals whose effects unknown.

And that choice goes further, every time we turn to agribusiness to feed ourselves we are contributing :

To impoverish our soils – because they tend to cultivate a single product in large areas -,

To pollute our waters – since this unique crop involves the use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides that reach our rivers and groundwater -,

To make the traditional farmer who grows a little of everything disappear – since only large areas of the same crop allow him to survive -,

To increase the greenhouse effect – since products usually travel many kilometers to reach their point of sale -,

Wasteful – fruits and vegetables that do not meet the standards of large supermarkets and supermarkets are automatically discarded without any use -,

To the extinction of species – agribusiness focuses solely and exclusively on the yield of what is produced and not on nutritional qualities -,

To the exploitation of people – since it encourages precarious and poor quality jobs -,

To the exploitation of animals – in factory farms where they are overcrowded, over-medicated and poorly fed, which affects their health.



That today we are becoming aware of the consequences of our choices is good; It remains to be added that change is always positive but not easy.

Collecting and avoiding plastic bags is fine but it is still a mere patch; the real problem is in our consumption habits, and therefore the solution is in our hands because we can improve them.

After the above, do you still think that eating organic is more expensive?


Africa Teruel


In the next article we will talk about the part of the producers

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