Ecological and home remedy to avoid fungi in seedlings and improve rooting


Often the seed or seedlings do not go forward because the fungi stop their growth and end up killing seedlings. With this ecological, homemade and very simple remedy you will not have that problem. In addition, it also helps the development of seedlings , since it favors the growth of the roots .

White mold is a disease caused by the Sclerotinia sclerotiorum fungus , which generates a layer on the ground and appears due to excess humidity. That is why it is important not to over water and avoid (as much as possible) that the plants are in constant humidity.


Ecological and home remedy to avoid fungi in seedlings

To avoid white mold in seedlings, it is as simple as sprinkling cinnamon on the ground . Cinnamon is a powerful natural fungicide and prevents the appearance of fungi and in case the fungi have already emerged, it fights them. If fungi have already appeared in your seedbeds, I suggest you spray the soil with cinnamon and not only the seedlings that are affected, but also those that are closest.

Here you can see the white fungus, in case of not fighting it it spreads over the entire surface

In addition to being a great remedy to combat fungi, cinnamon helps the plant to develop roots, something that will be of great help when the plant is in its early stages of life. Having healthy roots will lead to a healthy plant and fruit.

How to use cinnamon as a natural fungicide

To apply the cinnamon is very simple, simply remove the most visible fungi, leave the seedlings in an area where they receive sun or, at least, they are aired, and when the soil is dry, sprinkle the cinnamon all over the surface.

Seedbed with cinnamon

Another beneficial practice to avoid fungi and diseases is not to water the plants and seedlings from above, but to put them on a tray or plate and pour the water there so that the plant gets the water it needs without the soil being constantly overloaded humidity.

This ecological and home remedy will help you combat white mold on any plant.


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