Ecological cosmetics and natural cosmetics: are they the same?

The organic cosmetics is … ecological !. This type of cosmetic has ingredients from organic farming. The “natural cosmetics”, on the other hand, it is not known what it is. And this is because, for years, the adjective “natural” has been abused in the marketing of cosmetic products. Countless cosmetics have been (and are!) Advertised as “natural” just to give them a healthy and pleasant appearance when, in fact, their formula was far from containing organic ingredients. Or sometimes it is a product that, although it contains plant ingredients, also contains many ingredients that are toxic or potentially harmful to the body.

Thus, those of us who trusted in a truly healthy and ecological cosmetics found ourselves entangled in a sea of ​​names: on the one hand, the public was sold cosmetics that passed for “natural” without being so at all. On the other, truly natural cosmetics did not yet have a definitive name.

Finally, the consumer of organic products concerned about the environment, the health of the body and the sustainability of the environment can find this cosmetic under the name of “organic cosmetics” or “Bio cosmetics”. “Organic Cosmetics” is a name that has remained more for the Anglo-Saxon world, but the idea is the same: true natural cosmetics contain organic ingredients, that is why it is called organic cosmetics or Bio cosmetics and there are several seals that certify it, such as Ecocert, Cosmebio, Natrue, Soil Association or others.

The same can be said of makeup. In this case, if you are looking for a toxic-free makeup and you don’t want to go crazy or end up a victim of the advertising hoax, you have to look for the words “ ecological makeup ” or “Bio makeup”.


It is a cosmetic that has become aware of the need for a more sustainable life on the one hand and, on the other, of the need to use healthier cosmetic products.

We will agree that beautifying, taking care of yourself, obtaining the well-being that a relaxing bath or a good moisturizer provides should be compatible with a healthier life. However, it has been a long time since people started talking about the potentially toxic ingredients contained in conventional cosmetics, including dermopharmacy.

Increasingly, the “potentially” disappears from speeches and successive studies by prestigious specialists have confirmed the ability of cosmetics to penetrate the body through the skin barrier. Some studies indicate that phthalates act as hormonal disruptors, by accumulating in the skin tissue they can promote hormone-dependent diseases and other serious disorders.

Thus, an ecological or “Bio” cosmetic should not contain Parabens, PGE, Phthalates, heavy metals such as mercury or lead (widely used to make makeup), and a long list of ingredients that act as skin irritants, hormonal disruptors or neurotoxic. Regardless of the serious diseases that promote the accumulation of these toxic ingredients in the body, the most spectacular thing in the use of Organic CosmeticsIt is the large number of consumers who for years have used conventional cosmetics without solving their problems of reactivity, allergies, sensitivity, redness, etc. When discovering Bio Cosmetics, often after having gone through many brands and complex dermatological treatments that have only aggravated the disorder, they finally understood that the problem was in the formula: the ingredients derived from petroleum and other synthetic substances caused them the trouble.


It is important to know how to identify the seals that certify that a product has been made from organic ingredients, it is more complicated to know how to read the tiny print of a formula or you can also trust your specialist. But we can give you some tips that you can trust so that you and your family are sure to use healthy and ecological cosmetics:

1) Trust your specialized store. Stores like Bioherbarium have been in Organic Cosmetics for years and increasingly enjoying the results they see in their clients. The important thing is to find a store that gives you honest advice and is transparent in its information. At Bioherbarium they care about the attention their clients receive.

2) Trust the certifying seals, these are just some of them:

Soil Association: it has two different seals, one that assures you that 95% of the ingredients are organic and another seal that certifies that 70% are organic.

Natrue: has three different certifying seals, two of them certify that the product has a minimum of 95% organic ingredients and the third seal certifies that the product has at least 70% of these ingredients.

USDA: has three seals, one that identifies products that contain at least 70% of their organic ingredients, another seal that certifies 95% and a third seal that certifies that the product has 100% organic ingredients.

In case of doubt, you can always check with your trusted store so they can guide you.

3) Trust the brands. The brands Cosmetics Ecological typically small companies with high environmental awareness, good practices, love artisanal processes and a high concept of transparency and ethics.


Brands such as Dulkamara Bamboo , Ekia Cosmetiques or Màdara delight any consumer whether they have

skin problems or not.
All of them have the seal of the corresponding ecological certifier and are ideal
for reactive or problem skin .

Or for hair, like John Masters Organics

If you want a niche brand, there are brands that border on luxury, both in design and formulation … This is the case of Patyka or Absolution

But there are also affordable brands such as Kivvi , Mossa with a very careful composition, or artisan brands, also certified and 100% natural that are pure ” zero kilometer cosmetics “, as is the case in Matarrania .

And finally, we cannot forget about makeup. Makeup is the cosmetic that contains the highest doses of harmful ingredients. Brands like Zao Makeup are reasonably priced, refillable, and formulated so natural and healthy that they don’t even use talcum powder to make their makeup powder.

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