Effects of heavy metals on health and how to eliminate them

The heavy metals  are part of the components to naturally in the Earth’s crust. Heavy metals are only those chemical elements that have a specific atomic weight and specific gravity. The danger of heavy metals is that they accumulate in our body and are not eliminated . These compounds are very dangerous to health and adversely affect our organs. We are continually exposed to heavy metals, whether through food, through the water, or through the air we breathe. The main organs that are damaged by the accumulation of heavy metals in the body are the kidneys , liver , lungs and also thenervous system  (central and peripheral).

In addition to us, heavy metals can also be very harmful to the environment in general, for other animals and the vast majority of plants, in fact, the increase in heavy metals due to industrial activity has unbalanced and polluted severely many natural ecosystems . Let us remember that, once these heavy metals are released by the action of man, they can remain in the environment for hundreds of years, therefore, our exposure to these toxins is increased.

Effects of heavy metals on the body

In general, exposure to heavy metals over time is related to various types of cancer, problems in the development of fetuses and children, arthritis, cardiovascular diseases, kidney ailments, etc.

Lead : affects the nervous system, is associated with anemia, sclerosis, fatigue and kidney cancer

Mercury : associated with neurological disorders, autism, depression, respiratory system problems,

Arsenic : it is associated with vascular diseases, bronchitis, cancer of the esophagus, lung, larynx and bladder, it produces hepatotoxicity. It is not exactly a metal, but it is a very dangerous contaminant.

Beryllium : associated with lung cancer and mucosal and skin irritation

Chromium : this heavy metal is associated with lung cancer, hepatotoxicity, and nephrotoxicity.

Cadmium : it is associated with emphysema, prostate cancer, bronchitis, infertility, vascular diseases, neurological disorders and kidney toxicity.

Nickel : Long-term exposure can cause heart disease, skin irritation, and liver damage.

Copper : causes liver and kidney damage, is associated with anemia and irritation of the small and large intestines.

Manganese : damages the pancreas, liver, respiratory system, kidneys, central nervous system and is associated with Parkinson’s.

Tin : associated with headache, mucosal and skin irritation, damage to the immune system, depression, sleep disorder, and liver damage.

Zinc : stomach pain and infection of the mucous membranes.

Main sources of exposure to heavy metals

  • Water: poor water decontamination or the use of lead pipes can cause us to be taking heavy metals every time we use water for drinking, cooking, showering, watering, etc.
  • Air: we incorporate many of the pollutants into our body through the air we breathe and through our skin.
  • Food: vegetables produced with synthetic fertilizers and in areas where the soil is contaminated with heavy metals, become part of vegetables, fruits, cereals and legumes and from there to our food chain. Hence the importance of consuming trusted, organic or organic food.

How to remove heavy metals from our body?

Most heavy metals cannot be removed from the body, and those that can be removed are done in very small amounts. The best thing in these cases is to reduce exposure to heavy metals. Identify which sources of pollution are closest to you and avoid them as much as possible.

We can also resort to some remedies to reduce or help eliminate some heavy metals:

Coriander or coriander

This aromatic and medicinal plant is very useful to help eliminate heavy metals such as mercury or lead. You can add it to your favorite recipes once served on the finite cut plate.


It is another natural remedy that we all have at home and that can help us reduce the levels of accumulated metals. In addition to the fact that garlic is a powerful natural antibacterial, it can also be useful in this case. Better to consume them naturally, without cooking, so that it maintains all its properties.

Vitamin C

It helps us to keep our immune system in good working order. Something of vital importance if we want to promote our defenses to act in the elimination of toxins. In addition, vitamin C is important to carry out a multitude of functions in our body, such as the absorption of iron or the formation of collagen.

Activated charcoal

It is very useful to have activated charcoal in the medicine cabinet, because, among its uses, we can highlight that it is beneficial to eliminate toxins from our body. It is also used for food or drug poisoning.


This and other vegetables such as celery and cauliflower are beneficial to stimulate the natural cleansing process of our body and therefore the elimination of toxins. Include them regularly in your diet, preferably steamed so that they retain the greatest amount of their vitamins.

Masks with clay to purify the skin

Clay, mud or kaolin is a very beneficial tool to remove toxins from the skin and remove impurities. Can be applied once every week or every 15 days


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