Everything you need to know about Begonia rex

Incredible as it may be, there are over 1,000 types of begonia that feature exotic foliage and flowers. There are three groups of begonias : tuberous, fibrous, and rhizomatous. Today, I will tell you about the rhizomatous group that includes the Begonia rex .

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Begonia rex is native to India and has a large number of different hybrids that display a wide range of leaf colors. Its flowers are insignificant so it is better to remove them to improve plant growth.

Begonia rex care in spring and summer

Begonia rex will thrive in a temperature of 15 ° C year-round. For it to develop colorful foliage and beautiful flowers, it will need bright light, about four hours of direct sunlight per day.

Begonia rex care in autumn and winter

Water the Begonia rex moderately in winter , allowing the soil to dry in between. Keep it in a shady place where the atmosphere is not too dry. In winter, do not fertilize it or change the pot and place it in a peat-based compost and add one part of sand for every three parts of compost

Begonia rex propagation

The best way to propagate Begonia rex is through leaf cuttings. Cut through the veins on the back with a sharp knife and leave the blade back side up in a tray filled with equal parts peat and sand compost. Keep the cuttings protected from direct sunlight and ensure a humid environment. From them you can see how small plants emerge.


Gray mold can appear on the underside of the leaves in the form of brownish spots, keep the plant in a much more airy place. Mold can also affect the stems, so you should allow the plant to dry almost completely; Increase ventilation and treat with a fungicide. On the other hand, spray the plant with a systemic insecticide three times during the growth stage to prevent attack by other pests. If you notice scorched leaves, this can be avoided by keeping the begonia protected from the intense sun.

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