Flu, 27 home remedies to deal with symptoms

Flu symptoms such as fever, sore throat, cough, nasal congestion, earache, sinusitis, chills, muscle pain and even vomiting and diarrhea can make us feel very bad during the days that this illness caused by viruses lasts, that is why we propose remedies home remedies for the flu that improve these symptoms and help you feel better.

Winter is a season in which it is common for many people to get sick with the flu and from ECOagricultor we want to offer you homemade and natural options to improve those heavy symptoms of this seasonal infectious disease caused by viruses.

Keep in mind that there is no treatment for the flu or within natural remedies or any drug that removes it, that is, the only way we can deal with this infection is to improve or alleviate the symptoms. It is also important that prevention is better than cure

10 medicinal plants to prevent the flu

Flu, 27 home remedies to improve it

flu remedies 1.- Drink liquids . Staying hydrated, especially if we have symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea and a sore throat is essential. Opt for the simplest: warm water. If you wish, you can add a few drops of lemon juice to add a little flavor. Avoid drinking coffee or tea because they have caffeine and it has a diuretic effect and increases diarrhea, so it would be dehydrating us. You can also make this recipe for a homemade isotonic drink that will come in handy during the flu.

2.- Homemade tincture for headaches . During the flu you are not going to get rid of a headache like migraine or migraine. Do not worry, you can make this homemade tincture to alleviate this symptom with this recipe that I provide. As this tincture lasts two years, I advise you to prepare it in the fall so that you have it on hand and ready to use in your natural medicine cabinet whenever you need it.

3.- Homemade syrup for the flu . For a sore throat, cough and congestion, try this recipe to make homemade syrup because it is so effective. The ingredients you need are sure that you already have them in your pantry and it is very simple to do. You can also leave it ready at the beginning of winter so you have it on hand and ready to use when you need it.

4.- Home remedies for nasal congestion and stuffy nose . For a stuffy nose we can use some natural remedies that are easy and quick to prepare and apply, but which are also effective. Many times when we have the flu we cannot sleep well because our nose gets clogged, so don’t lose hours of sleep and put these remedies into practice .

5.- Rosemary and clove liniment for muscle pain . Another natural remedy that will come in handy to get rid of that unpleasant sensation such as muscle tension and general discomfort. Follow this recipe and apply it by gently massaging the painful areas as many times a day as you need and you will see that muscle pain improves.

6.- Homemade Vaporub for coughs and flu congestion . This is another of those home remedies that you can do at the beginning of winter and thus have it available when you need it. Here is the recipe and you will see how annoying symptoms such as coughing improve from the first application. Apply the vaporub on the chest, back and soles of the feet giving a gentle massage until it is absorbed.

7.- Home remedies for headache, migraine or migraine . To combat headaches we have at our disposal natural remedies that will help us, specifically, I suggest you look at these 18 home remedies for headaches to get rid of this annoying flu symptom and feel much better.

8.- Mallow infusion for mucus and throat . A great plant for throat problems that arise during the flu such as irritation, cough, dryness, pain, hoarseness, hoarseness, etc. it is mallow. This medicinal plant has the quality of softening, fighting germs thanks to its antiseptic action, improving coughs due to its antitussive action and eliminating accumulated mucus. See how to gargle with mallow to improve throat and cough. To expel mucus you can take the mallow in infusion: put a teaspoon of dried mallow in a cup, add hot water, cover and let it rest for 3 minutes, then strain it and drink when it cools down a bit. You can sweeten the mallow infusion with pure honey if you wish.

9.- Home remedy for ear infection and pain . Another symptom that we can suffer when we have the flu is earache caused by infection or otitis. For this case you can use this natural remedy based on garlic, medicinal plants and olive oil. This preparation lasts up to 6 months and you can use it as many times as you need. It is very effective and it is worth it.

10.- Homemade bath salts for muscle tension . If you don’t feel like making the liniment I was talking about before or baths are your thing, try these homemade salts. They are made with a formula of medicinal plants that immediately relieve fatigue, tension and muscle pain, and the pleasant smells that bath salts give off also help with congestion. Obviously avoid this home remedy if you have a fever, because bathing in hot water could aggravate it and in any case, avoid that the water is too hot. Here is the recipe to make  homemade bath salts .

flu 11.- Ginger for the flu . This plant can help us improve our health in many different ways and we cannot stop using it when we have the flu for several reasons: it relieves headaches, reduces inflammation, relieves nausea, vomiting and muscle aches. Take the ginger by making an infusion by grating a small amount of 1 to 2 cm² (according to your taste) and sweeten with pure honey, stevia or cinnamon. Find out more about the properties of ginger .

12.- Rosemary essential oil for the flu . One of the medicinal plants that has been part of the traditional medicine of great ancient cultures such as Greek or Roman has been rosemary. It is not surprising the saying that says ” On the properties of rosemary an entire book could be written “, read about its benefits here . For many home and natural remedies we can use rosemary essential oil, as in the case of the flu.

Rosemary helps us because it has analgesic action (relieves pain), antibiotic (eliminates germs), anti-inflammatory (reduces inflammation), antitussive (relieves cough) and expectorant (expels mucus). You can steam or inhale by adding 5 drops of rosemary essential oil to a bowl with 1 liter of boiling water, lean over the bowl to put your face close enough to the water for the steam to reach you, and cover your head with a towel. Be careful not to burn yourself. After 3 minutes you get up and you can repeat again if you need to. You can also put a few drops of rosemary essential oil on your clothes, in a burner or even add it to a base oil such as sweet almond or olive and massage.

13.- Home remedies for sinusitis . Sinusitis can appear during the flu and can cause a headache such as migraine, congestion, fever, tiredness, sore face, or sore throat. Try these natural remedies for sinusitis and so you can improve this ailment without having to resort to drugs with unwanted side effects.

14.- Infusion of thyme for the flu . This medicinal plant is great for its effectiveness in improving various symptoms associated with flu episodes: problems in the respiratory tract, accumulated mucus, sore throat and cough, it reduces inflammation, relieves pain and also strengthens the immune system. Here you have more information about the effects of thyme . To prepare the thyme infusion, put a teaspoon of dried thyme in a cup and add very hot water (it does not have to come to a boil). Cover the mug and let it steep for 5 minutes. Then you strain it and you can add a teaspoon of pure honey to sweeten it if you wish. As it gets cold, you drink it little by little.

15.- Home remedies for flu fever . Fevers usually appear, even intermittently, when we have the flu. Luckily we have within our reach natural ways to relieve fever or pyrexia: from using medicinal plants such as basil, elderberry or yarrow to baths with warm water, read more details here .

echinacea flu 16.- Natural antibiotics for the flu . There are medicinal plants and foods that naturally strengthen our immune system and help us cope better with the symptoms associated with the flu: cinnamon, garlic, maca, echinacea, cat’s claw, cloves, moringa and oregano are some, read the full article .

17.- Onion for throat infection . As I tell you in this post , onion is a vegetable with great antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antibiotic action. therefore it is very effective for the throat infection that can appear during the flu. With this onion-based remedy, gargle several times a day and in a short time you will notice that the throat infection improves and you notice improvement.

18.- Homemade cough drops . Coughing can prevent us from sleeping well, making our throats sore and swollen, unable to swallow food or liquids well, etc. It is a very annoying symptom of the flu that we can improve with natural remedies. In this case, I suggest that you make these tablets at home that you can take throughout the day and night to feel better. Like many other home remedies for the flu that I have talked about before, you can do them at the beginning of winter and so you have them ready when you need them because they last 3 months once prepared.

19.- Probiotics for the flu . Including foods with probiotics and prebiotics in our diet during the flu is very beneficial because this way we improve the intestinal flora and this affects our immune system. In this way we are strengthening our defenses and helping our body in the fight against flu viruses.

20.  Take fruits and vegetables during the flu . More than ever, avoid large meals, processed food products and opt for homemade soups and creams and smoothies and green juices that will help us cope with flu symptoms much better. Simple recipes that provide us with nutrients such as vitamins and minerals that our defenses will need to fight the flu. It is also good to increase the intake of foods rich in vitamin C because it participates in many important functions in our body.

21.- Oil of oregano for influenza virus . I provide you with the recipe to make oregano oil , a homemade and natural aid to fight flu viruses. This oil has traditionally been used to improve typical respiratory ailments of the flu and even bronchitis. Thymol and carvacrol are two active ingredients in oregano that act as antivirals, antibiotics and anti-inflammatories. It also improves symptoms like nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. Oregano oil can be used internally or it can also be massaged onto the chest and back.

22.- Licorice root infusion for the flu . In addition to having a sweet anise flavor, licorice has an active ingredient, glycyrrhine, which fights viruses. Licorice is not only a natural remedy for gastritis and stomach ulcer (and other ailments that you can see here ), its properties make it an excellent plant for flu symptoms to soften the throat, fight cough spasms strong, hoarseness, bronchitis, clear the airways and clear mucus and fight viruses. Prepare the infusion with a teaspoon of dried licorice to which you will add 150 ml of boiling water. Cover and let stand 6 minutes. Then strain and drink little by little when it is warm. You can take several infusions a day.

23.- Mist with essential oils for flu . Eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils are especially helpful for airway congestion. In addition to being able to take advantage of the properties of essential oils for the flu, water vapor is beneficial by itself for nasal congestion and for a dry and irritated throat.

flu remedies 24.- Water with sea salt for mucus . Sometimes during the flu we start to generate mucus and it remains accumulated in the respiratory tract and we do not eliminate it as we should. The accumulation of mucus can bring other health complications and the ideal is that we expel it. To stimulate the expulsion of accumulated mucus we can resort to a very basic and simple natural remedy: in a glass with 150 ml of water add two teaspoons of sea salt, stir well and gargle throughout the day.

25.- Stay warm but without exaggeration . During the flu, stay warm but not too warm because you could promote the appearance of fever. In fact, if you have a fever, try not to wrap yourself with blankets because it can increase, other factors that can increase fever are drinking very cold liquids, bathing and showering with cold water or even putting on cold wet cloths. In these cases a rebound effect can occur and instead of lowering the fever what can happen is that it increases. We can also say that if you have a fever, avoid baths and showers with hot water.

26.- Warm compresses for flu sinusitis . A great way to relieve flu-associated sinusitis and headaches is to apply warm compresses to the forehead, nose, and cheekbones. In a bowl, pour warm water and dip a cloth in this water. Drain and apply to forehead and cheekbones. Leave it on for 20 minutes or until you notice that it has cooled down and re-moisten it in warm water. Warm showers are also very effective for some people.

27.- Rest for the flu . A good way to ease flu symptoms and feel better is to rest. It is time to stop or reduce our daily activities and rest. In this way we are helping our body’s defenses to focus on fighting the flu and recovering.

What else can we do to improve the flu?

  • Try to keep your hands clean, as they are the main source of flu transmission.
  • Periodically aerate the spaces you are in so that the air is renewed, but avoid drafts.
  • Please use a humidifier to avoid dry environment. This helps you breathe better especially at night.
  • When you are lying down, put one or two more pillows to facilitate breathing.

This is general information, always consult with a health professional who can give you guidelines for your particular needs .


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