Food forests: increase fertility and productivity and reduce pests and diseases

A food forest not only provides us with fruits and vegetables but also regenerates the soil by promoting the appearance of beneficial microorganisms that promote the fertility of the land and this in turn favors the development of plants and creates an ecosystem very rich in biodiversity. .

The edible forest is one of the best ways to obtain our food, but how to get it? Starting from the bottom: the earth. Why to grow plants we must first “cultivate” the land

The first thing is to do a soil analysis . I recommend that the analysis be as complete as possible (soil texture, pH, organic matter, adventitious plants, saturation, contamination, cation exchange capacity, biodiversity present…. Etc.). The safest thing is that you will have to resort to a company that does soil analysis within the field of agroecology and can do this analysis for you, and it is well worth it.

Once you have the results and you know what deficiencies and needs the soil has, with the laya or the double-handled fork work it by moving it and aerating it up to 50 cm and add a mixture with the minerals that the soil needs, add compost and finally the mulch or padding .

We sow or transplant the varieties we have chosen ( perennials are especially interesting , so we will not have to till and work the land again). The soil will be greatly improved if we incorporate the greatest possible diversity of plants, since it will increase the appearance of beneficial microorganisms that will improve the development of the roots and the bioavailability of nutrients .

If you do another soil analysis from the year the food forest started, you will see that it has totally changed. In fact, in about 2 to 5 years the earth will have reached a more than excellent level in terms of fertility and nutrient richness, humus will be generated, as worms proliferate, the earth will have reached a good level of water retention, multiply mycorrhizae that enhance beneficial activity in the soil, etc.

With this system you will see that diseases and pests are minimized, and this means that you do not have to spend time collecting medicinal plants, making preparations with them, applying them and monitoring the results.

It will also increase productivity considerably and you will get abundant harvests of healthy food.

Forests are synonymous with abundance, biodiversity and fertility, where synergistic relationships are created that promote multiplication and proliferation within a self-regulated system. Why not imitate wise nature and create edible forests? In addition, these can be established in any climate and thus take advantage of their very beneficial peculiarities.

Instead of deforesting forests to make fields for crops, why don’t we produce food naturally by creating forests?

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