Foods that improve mood


Maintaining a healthy diet is the best option both for the health of our body and for our emotional state.

And as far as mood is concerned, there are studies (such as the one carried out by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA) that point out that certain nutrients that some foods contain affect in a very positive way how we feel.

6 food groups that improve mood

1- Sesame or sesame seeds : they are very nutritious, they contain zinc , a mineral that is associated with anxiety and depression. Through a study it was confirmed that a diet rich in this mineral lowered the levels of depression and even bad mood. Other foods with zinc: walnuts , Brussels sprouts , oatmeal, or spinach .

2- Bananas : one of the most complete and nutrient-rich fruits could not be missing from this list. Bananas contain tryptophan , an essential amino acid that promotes the release of serotonin, which controls stress, anxiety and even prevents insomnia . Other foods rich in tryptophan are chickpeas , dates or nuts .

3- Flax or linseed seeds : They are rich in Omega-3 and have proven to be very important for emotional stability. Several studies have pointed out that a lack of these beneficial essential fatty acids increases anxiety and depression. Other foods with Omega 3: strawberries , pineapple , green leafy vegetables or nuts .

4- Lentils : lentils are rich in an essential amino acid called phenylalanine , which fights depression, increases endorphin levels and even has a certain analgesic effect . You can find it in foods such as asparagus , chickpeas or green beans or peas.

5- Vitamin C : it is an essential vitamin in our body. Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) is especially beneficial in bipolar depression . Foods where you can find it: citrus , kiwis , raspberries or sprouts .

6- Vitamins of group B : the lack of vitamins in this group, especially B9 ( folic acid ) can cause tiredness , fatigue and is associated with depression, including postpartum. Foods with these vitamins: broccoli , lentils , cashews , oatmeal , nutritional yeast , cabbage, walnuts, or bell peppers .


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