Garden items

Garden items made with natural materials.

Garden items handcrafted with natural materials obtained from renewable crops represent an interesting solution to give the exterior a rustic look in perfect harmony with the natural landscape of the garden. Teak, bamboo, beech and wicker are woods obtained from easily renewable plantations used in the construction of furnishings and decorations for the interiors and exteriors of homes more and more often making use of eco-sustainable technologies. Garden items made by hand also by recycling waste materials are all the rage and in great demand for their excellent value for money. The resistance, the beauty and the ease with which they can be worked to produce any type of object for the garden are the main strengths of these materials.

Wooden garden furniture

Teak is a large tropical tree of the Tectona grandis species belonging to the Lamiaceae family from which hard wood is obtained and extremely resistant to atmospheric agents. It is traditionally used for the manufacture of outdoor furniture and garden items that are particularly resistant to water, humidity, mold and parasites. Being more expensive than other types of wood, due to its durability and relative rarity, teak is now a real status symbol and the outdoor furniture made with it are handed down from generation to generation like family heirlooms. Teak is widely used in the construction of furnishing elements intended to remain outdoors for a long time such as dining sets, benches and deck chairs.

Wicker garden furniture

The choice of garden items can be complicated for the large number of retailers on the market. Among the many products on sale, those made of wicker represent a smart choice for the excellent value for money. The wicker furniture for outdoors is made by weaving wood, particularly resistant and light, obtained from the viminal willow. Tables, chairs, coffee tables, chaise longues, shelves and containers of all shapes and sizes are manageable and easily transportable from one point to another in the garden as well as being very pleasing to the eye thanks to the typical weaves that characterize them. Wicker needs to be superficially treated with special paints that make it more resistant to bad weather.

Bamboo garden items

Bamboo garden items add a touch of originality and style to any exterior. Bamboo is a flexible and very resistant wood used above all for the production of ornamental objects often of an artisanal type. Bamboo canes grow rapidly and their wood is a very valuable renewable resource for crafts. In addition to ornaments such as birdhouses, lanterns, vases, statuettes, bamboo can be used to make fences, parasols, dividing gates, pergolas and even gazebos. Given their strength and flexibility, bamboo canes can be an excellent support for climbing plants and crops such as tomatoes and vines. The racks are very light and free of metal parts that could rust.

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