When to water the garden

To get a good garden we will need to make sure we can irrigate it. Therefore we will have to evaluate the size of the area and, if necessary, install an automatic watering system. In gardening shops and in the departments of supermarkets dedicated to do-it-yourself, there are devices for scheduling irrigation. These are particularly useful accessories that allow us to water during the most suitable hours such as the evening after the sun has set or early in the morning, even if we are not present. The best type of irrigation is the sprinkler one. We will have to be very careful during the summer season. Water must never be lacking and we must avoid watering during the hot hours of the day because the sun’s rays in contact with the droplets could make the grass yellow.

How to take care of the garden

The garden must be maintained constantly. Periodically we will have to remove the weeds, uprooting them or using a specific selective herbicide product. In this case we will pay close attention to pets by asking us to advise on the product that, ingested by dogs and cats, does not cause health problems. The grass will be cut regularly, arriving at weekly interventions in the spring season when growth will be naturally stimulated. Even during the autumn there will be no shortage of work to be done. We will in fact have to rake the fallen leaves from the trees. To decorate our garden we can sow flowers and allocate areas to border or hedges. The shapes that we will give to garden shrubs must always be maintained, keeping the foliage tidy with pruning.

Characteristics of the terrain

Our garden will be able to grow on an existing turf. In this case it will be sufficient to uproot the weeds and sow in the empty spaces if necessary. Or we could create a garden in an area where we have brought new earth. In this case we will have to take care of the substrate first, perhaps adding some sand which will ensure greater drainage. For the grass, fertilization should not be necessary but if the fertility of the area is doubted it could be useful to enrich the land, before sowing, with a ready-made organic product. We will have to avoid the formation of puddles by trying to keep the water drains clean. In this way the grass will grow more evenly and if we have planted shrubs they will not be attacked by dangerous root rot.

Garden: Climate and exposure

A perfect garden can grow both in the plains and in the hills, at all latitudes of Italy. However, the more temperate climates, without very rigid winter seasons and without torrid summer periods, are the most favorable ones. In spring our garden will reach its maximum splendor, giving a visual impact characterized by a uniform green. In summer, however, we will have to pay particular attention to watering, to avoid the formation of yellow spots. Our garden can be attacked by insects and parasites that we can eliminate with specific products that can be purchased online, in gardening shops or supermarkets. It may be helpful to fence off the area to prevent unwanted animals from ruining the turf. It would be appropriate to limit the

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