Those who practice this profession specialize in the planting and care of gardens. It is a real profession that requires knowledge of flowers, plants, soils and the intrinsic characteristics of each of them. Furthermore, knowledge of the diseases affecting flowers and trees and their treatments is required. The gardener has the delicate task of being the «director» of that immense stage that is nature, wisely dosing the scenic effect with pure technique. Mainly there are two different types: the professional gardener who works mainly on existing situations and takes care of parks, gardens,

The gardener and the gardener

Of course the job can be done by men or women, but not everyone knows that the term giardiniera has not always been the only feminine noun of the term: the women belonging to this secret society, very active in our Risorgimento, were called «the gardener» precisely because of the habit of gathering in their gardens. They were divided into Apprentices and Teachers, the latter role being more operational and demanding, with women being allowed to carry a dagger between stocking and garter. They recognized each other by drawing a semicircle with their hand, touching first the left shoulder and then the right, with three strokes on the heart, as a final. Many, discovered by the Austrian police, were arrested and jailed.

The profession

But how do you go about entering this profession? Various training courses can be followed. The Regions, for example, make it possible to acquire a professional qualification by attending courses lasting one or two years, promoted by the Regions themselves. Another possibility is to attend the Agricultural School of the Monza Park, a center specialized in training young professionals of tomorrow in the «green» environment: you will learn ornamental green, its design and consequent management, both in the public and private sectors. Furthermore, and here we are in the secondary school, you can attend a Professional Institute – Services Sector – Services for agriculture and rural development or the Technical Institute – Technological Sector – Agriculture and Agroindustry.

Famous gardeners

Some gardeners have influenced the era in which they lived, such as Lancelot Brown, an English landscape architect of the eighteenth century who created that particular architectural style of gardens and parks that is universally recognized as «English». He was commissioned by the monarchy to arrange the royal gardens of Windsor and Hampton Court and ended up taking care of over 170 parks, including private and Crown. We Italians also have our Lancelot Brown: his name is Gianfranco Giustina, he is 59 years old and has been following the parks of Isola Bella and Isola Madre on Lake Maggiore for 37 on behalf of the Borromeo family. On April 10 this year he was awarded the Rhs Memorial Medal, an annual award that is given worldwide to the person who »

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