Features of the garden

A lot of sun and a soil with good drainage are very important factors for the success of the crops. In gardening you don’t just need the commitment and patience to see your plants grow, but the climatic and territorial conditions are fundamental. Sunlight is nourishment for plants and is necessary to trigger the photosynthetic chemical processes. A well-draining, nutrient-rich soil allows the water to filter deeply into the roots and give plants the organic substances they need to grow. The main goal of the gardener is to grow tasty and genuine products and a home garden can produce such an amount of fruit, vegetables and vegetables that it can satisfy the needs of an entire family.


The first recommendation to make to those approaching gardening for the first time is to cultivate a small portion of land. The results, obtained with hard work and dedication, will repay the efforts and resources used and will encourage you to do better and better. When buying plants, it is preferable to turn to experienced people, able to provide advice and indications on how to plant and care for plants and flowers. It is advisable to start growing the products you usually eat and the flowers and plants you like best before experimenting with new crops. The need to consume safe and uncontaminated organic products and the possibility of being in a healthy environment in close contact with the natural landscape leads more and more people to approach gardening.

The choice of horticultural crops

Salad is one of the easiest products to grow because it grows quickly and does not require special attention. It is possible to plant different types of salad and lettuce at the same time at any time of the year. Aromatic herbs such as parsley, chives, basil, sage, rosemary, thyme, tarragon, mint, chilli and so on are perfect for home growing even in pots. It is possible to buy the organic seeds of these crops at the best garden centers and at shops specialized in the sale of organic and biodynamic seeds. All information regarding the cultivation methods and characteristics of the plants as well as the most suitable periods for their sowing and harvesting are always shown on the seed cofections.

Flowering plants in the garden

Seeing your own flower garden all year round is every gardener’s dream. The flowers give a sense of tranquility by offering suggestive and intoxicating scenographies. Flowering plants are very delicate and in order to develop at their best they need precise environmental conditions. Some rustic annual species such as cornflower, Californian poppy, nasturtium, sunflower and sweet pea are perfect for quickly giving color and liveliness to the garden. These flowers can be sown without any difficulty in spring, directly in the field and grow by adapting to different climatic conditions. Flowering plants can be grown in pots or in planters where multiple species can be grown at the same time.

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