Gardens in bloom

The design of gardens in bloom

The choice of flowering plants to make the appearance of your garden pleasant is important and must be weighted according to your aesthetic pleasure. The creation of a garden in bloom cannot fail to disregard the design of the spaces, the quality of the soil and the degree of solar radiation that strikes the plot. Gardens in residential areas will have a lower degree of irradiation than gardens in the open countryside and this implies the need to choose suitable plants. The size of the garden is important to evaluate the choice of any trees that could be transplanted and that bloom in spring will smell and bear fruit. A flowering garden of perennials is always preferable to one adorned with varieties of annual flowers.


Among the varieties of perennial ever remontant plants there are numerous aromatic plants. Among all we want to remember rosemary, thyme, sage. Other small, low shrubs, such as heather, bloom in late winter, when they begin to feel the lengthening of the days.It is useless to talk about the virtues of rosemary and the precious aromatic quality, when planted, it grows in large bushes that must be pruned and maintained. The nectar flowers attract bees and are aesthetically pleasing, bluish in color. Sage is particularly ornamental thanks to the leaves that can be silver or red and decorate the garden even when not in bloom. Another shrub with a pleasant aesthetic function is the elderberry. Its white umbrella flowers are pleasing to the eye, fragrant and when the berries ripen a certain aesthetic quality remains given by the red color of the fruits. The elderberry blooms from April to May.

Other perennials

An earlier flowering is possible by planting a Forsythia. Although only with an aesthetic function, this shrub will bloom a bright yellow, quite early, around February-March. The inflorescences of perennials are certainly not as showy as those of bulbs that have complex flowers, of aesthetic quality chosen over years of selection, but have their own aesthetic value. For example, the hazelnut blooms with cluster catkins in the middle of winter before the leaves appear. Although not showy, these flowers have an aesthetic value in a basically bare period of the year. It tolerates all latitudes even if it is advisable to plant it in a position protected from frosts. if cared for, it produces fruits with excellent nutritional qualities. L’

Gardens in bloom: Roses

Among the perennial flowers there are always roses of great beauty and when optimally pruned and fertilized they bloom in the most diverse varieties of colfrori, providing the raw material for excellent herbal teas or rose petal jellies. Among the tall trees to be evaluated to have a garden in bloom there are certainly the cherry trees that can bloom in white or pink tones, they can be simply ornamental or fruit-bearing, the choice that everyone prefers. they bloom in quantities dictated by the environmental conditions and, if you wish to eat the fruits, you must provide for an adequate fertilization, their pruning, their correct arrangement to protect them from freezing. Another genus of species with great aesthetic value and a good scent is made up of citrus fruits, however, only suitable for latitudes and warm climates. Without, however, considering the possibility of planting them in pots to withdraw them in the winter period.

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