9 rustic garden ideas

If you also want to achieve it, if you dream of being able to enjoy a magnificent landscape, elegant but also a bit ‘wild’, then we will offer you a few ideas .

What is the rustic style in landscaping?

First of all, it is interesting to know the characteristics of this type of garden, which could well be the equivalent of the cottage gardens of the United Kingdom, the typical ones that we can find in that country. In them, nature plays a very important role: humans will not touch it unless strictly necessary. In fact, the artificial (furniture, fountains, etc.) must be integrated into the natural, and not the other way around.

Rustic gardens can remind us of bygone times, when most people lived in the country. Wildflowers brightened their days, and the use of organic products helped maintain balance in the ecosystem. Today that spirit is maintained in this type of design, although of course, and as has happened with everything that surrounds us, it has been modernized.

Rustic garden ideas

Now that we know what a rustic garden is, let’s look at some ideas:

Choose plants that live well in your climate…

The ideal and most advisable thing to do is to choose native plants. They are the ones that will not give you any problems because they are well adapted to living with the climatic conditions of the area. In addition, if it is about respecting the environment, there is nothing like giving a chance to those species that live in the meadows, forests, or etc. that are where you live.

… And group them according to your needs

Grouping the plants according to their needs will help you save water, and incidentally to make their maintenance easier.

Fertilize the soil

Use organic products, such as compost, mulch, worm castings, or manure from herbivorous animals. The nutrients in the soil are lost as the roots of the plants absorb them, so it is not a bad thing to fertilize from time to time .

Create microclimates

Even if the wind blows a lot in your area, or it usually freezes, there are several things you can do to make the conditions of your garden somewhat better, such as planting tall hedges or lined plants, choosing trees with a wide and dense canopy, or putting lattices. and decorate them with climbing plants.

Put wooden (or imitation) things

Wood is the most popular material in rustic gardens, that is why if you want to decorate it with that style, put furniture or wooden structures, or imitation, it is something that should not be missing.

Reuse everything you can

For example, if a tree dies, turn its trunk into a nice seat. If your car wheels break down, make them beautiful flower pots. Almost anything can be reused, even broken clay pots ( here’s how) .

Avoid putting grass

The lawn is a green carpet that requires a lot of maintenance, and consuming lots of water. In a rustic garden, respect for natural resources must prevail, and that means taking care of the water. But don’t worry, there are alternatives, like flowers.

Put nests in the trees

As long as there are no cats around, the idea of ​​putting nests in the branches of trees, as well as drinking fountains, is very interesting. You will attract small birds that will give more life to your rustic garden.

Have chickens

If you have enough space and you want to have a rustic garden, let’s say ‘pure’, traditional, a chicken coop is an ideal element. Be careful, we are not talking about putting chickens in a cage, but about reserving a fenced area where these animals can be in contact with the open air and where they can take refuge.

I hope you enjoy your rustic garden .

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