Uses of decorative gravel in a garden

When designing a garden one of the most interesting – and useful, by the way – things you can do is put decorative gravel. There are many types, shapes, sizes and colors, so getting that place visually enhances with it is very simple.

Be careful, it is not a matter of removing space from the plants to put gravel, but of knowing how to combine all the elements to create something unique. So if you don’t really know how to use decorative gravel in your garden, don’t worry: get inspired by looking at the photos and with the tips that we show you below .

What is decorative gravel?

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It is nothing more than gravel, that is, relatively small stones between 2 and 64mm. It can be natural produced by the movement of water in rivers, or on the contrary it can be made by man, what we call split or sifted stone.

There are different types:

  • Chalcedony
  • For decoration
  • For foundry
  • For construction
  • Flint

The ones that interest us are, of course, the decoration ones. These are ideal because they improve drainage, prevent the soil from compacting, prevent the seeds of wild herbs (weeds) from germinating, and also protect the roots from frost.

What uses does it have?

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In addition to those just mentioned, it has other uses that should not be ignored. Using decorative gravel is a very good option if we want, for example:

  • Form trails
  • Replace the lawn
  • Decorate the garden with gravel creating drawings with this
  • Improve the texture of the garden

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As you can see, decorative gravel is much more than precious stones. Using it in a garden you can get views as beautiful as the ones we have been showing you in this article. If you want to achieve the same, do not hesitate: get a few kilos of gravel .

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