Garlic uses in the garden

Garlic is one of the most popular crops in the world; not in vain, it is part of the ingredient list of multiple recipes. But it also has very interesting properties for both human and plant health. You do not believe me?

Find out what are the uses of garlic in the garden, and avoid applying chemical products to your plants, which can be very harmful to you.

Protects from pests and diseases

Having garlic in the garden or, in fact, in a garden or even chopped on the soil of the pots, is the best we can do if we want the plants to be well protected against pests and diseases. And this is a natural remedy that repels aphids, mites, and also prevents the attack of fungi such as leprosy or powdery mildew.

To do this, we will place it cut or not next to the plants, or we will plant garlic among some crops. For example: if we plant them between carrots we will repel the carrot fly, if we put them between tomatoes we will keep nematodes away, and between strawberries we will prevent diseases transmitted by fungi, such as gray rot.

It is an excellent fungicide

Apart from having insecticidal properties, it is also a very good fungicide. And it is very, very easy to do, since we only have to mix 1/2 kilo of crushed garlic for every 10 liters of water. Then we let it marinate for a full day, and strain it and then dilute it in a ratio of 1l of preparation to 7 of water. Now what we have left is to fill a sprayer with the mixture and spray it on the plants.

Makes roses smell better

A “secret” or not very well known use of garlic is to enhance the aroma of roses. Planted between these bushes it is possible to increase the aroma of its wonderful flowers. I have not tried it, but if they do it in Bulgaria where the Rose Festival is celebrated every year (specifically in the city Kazanlak) it will have to be done .

Broad spectrum insecticide

Mixing 6 whole garlic with 250ml of water and 250ml of alcohol, we can combat aphids, red spider or whitefly, which are the pests that cause the most damage to plants.

Garlic cultivation in the garden

Without a doubt it is the use that we all know the most. Although it takes between 7 and 9 months of seed or 3 months if we start from a tender garlic to be ready, taking care of it and maintaining it is very simple. It can be grown both in the garden and in pots, so why wait to get some?

Do you know any other uses for garlic?

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