Geranium care

Geraniums are classified as pelargonium peltatum and are used to decorate balconies and gardens. It is a decumbent or supporting plant that has single, double or semi-double flowers of various colors. Read on to learn more.

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As I mentioned before, geraniums are supportive plants that have weak and elongated stems with fleshy leaves of eight cm in diameter, provided with five lobes. Its flowers can be pink, white, purple or red. They grow lying on the ground or supported by supports. When their stems do not find a support they simply hang down.

The right place

Geraniums can flourish without any problem on balconies, gardens or on a window sill. They are sensitive to frost, so they need protection in winter. If you provide at least five hours of direct sunlight, with reservations during the noon hours, the geraniums will have a profuse bloom from spring to fall.

Soil, fertilization and irrigation

They do not need deep or very fertile soils. A light soil or substrate will prevent rot and encourage root development of the geranium. Incorporating sand and river runoff in moderate amounts when preparing the ground will create favorable conditions for geraniums. For the cultivation in pots and balconies, prepare a substrate composed of four parts of black earth, four parts of river surf and two parts of sand.

Fertilize with 200 g of bone meal per square meter when planting in spring and apply a granulated fertilizer type 15-15-15 periodically. As for irrigation, this should be every three days in summer or every five days in the morning and at sunset.


Geraniums multiply easily by cutting in spring and fall.


Soil with excess nitrogen

Abundant foliage and little flowering. To solve this, add 30 g of bone meal per plant.

Low winter temperatures

Falling leaves. To solve this, protect the geraniums from the cold by moving them to a warmer place.

Sparse budding and small leaves

Change the pot or renew the substrate.

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