Perennial Raygrass, all terrain grass

Grass. That green mantle that is the dream of many inhabitants of the city. But to have it perfect you have to study its varieties well because there are many versions that vary both in appearance and in care.

If you want to have an all-terrain lawn, go for the perennial raygrass, a very famous type of grass in the world.

The most chosen grass

Perennial Raygrass is the most popular grass in the world and is therefore present in almost all mixes. Its scientific name is Lolium perenne although it is also known as Ryegrass, English Ray-grass, Vallico, English Grass, or English Ballica.

It is an herb native to Europe and North Africa characterized by developing stems up to 80 centimeters high, from which bilobed or whole green leaves sprout, up to 18 centimeters long and striated, with a marked central nerve. It produces flowers grouped in spikelets.

One of the reasons for its popularity is that it is a fast-germinating type of grass that grows very fast and is also resistant, two essential reasons that make it interesting.

On the other hand, Raygrass can live healthy and in good condition for three to four years, as long as it is well maintained.

Raygrass needs

If you dare to have a raygrass lawn, we recommend taking into account the following:


It is an herb that loves the sun, and in fact needs it to grow well. So do not hesitate to create your green carpet in areas exposed to the star king .


It tolerates any type of soil, although we could see a somewhat faster growth in those that have good drainage. And it is that the lands that have a tendency to compact a lot tend to slow down the development of the roots of the plants in general. But go, in the case of our protagonist this is something that should not worry you.


Watering will be frequent, especially during the summer. It is important that the soil is always somewhat humid to achieve a better development of raygras. That is why, depending on the climate, it may be necessary to water daily during the summer, and about two or three times a week the rest of the year.

Lawn fertilizer

Although herbs such as Lolium perenne are considered weeds, that is, plants that grow very fast, maybe too much, having only some soil and water, the truth is that to have a beautiful lawn it is interesting to fertilize it from time to time. When exactly?

Well, it will depend on the weather, but in principle it must be paid in spring and summer, and even in autumn if there are no frosts, they are mild and/ or late. For this you can use chemical products, such as this specific fertilizer for grass that they sell here.

Now, if there are pets and/ or children, we recommend the use of organic products, such as guano, worm castings or manure from herbivorous animals for example.

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The rapid germination of Raygrass allows you to see results within a few days. Once this grass is planted, the grass sprouts about a week later so it immediately covers the ground.

It is sown from September to November in the northern hemisphere, months that coincide with the end of summer and the beginning of autumn, at 25kg per hectare.

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As it grows so fast, it will be necessary to pass the mower every 2-3 weeks during the warm season of the year, and once a month or a month and a half the rest. You should cut it leaving between 2 and 4 centimeters in height. Take a look at our mower guide to choose the right one for you.

If you are not in the mood to be manually passing the machine on your green carpet, we also recommend that you look at the best robotic lawnmowers, and that they will do the route for you, being able to control with devices such as your mobile.


In general, this variety of grass is present in mixtures both for its rapid germination and for its easy establishment, being able to grow without problems in any soil and in different climatic conditions.

The perennial Raygrass supports both cold days and hot summer days so it is a type of grass that can be in the garden all year round. In addition, it supports high traffic and grows in any type of soil although it prefers those that are humid and fertile.

As if that were not enough, it is very resistant against the common fungi that affect the lawn, such as the brown spot (Brown blight), the red thread (Red thread) or the rust (Crown rust). In fact, for this reason it is widely used for overseeding in order to hide the winter browning caused by cold that other lawns, such as bermudagrass, usually have.

It is a dense grass that gives a very interesting dark green color. It is certainly a good option for temperate climates, especially if it usually rains in moderation.

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