Growing blueberries in pots and in the field

Growing potted blueberries in the urban garden or directly on the ground in the country orchard doesn’t have to be complicated. Just keep in mind some important information that we give you in this article and in no time you will be tasting some nutritious organic blueberries.

Read about the properties of blueberries to learn about their health benefits. The blueberry is one of the berries included in the so-called fruits of the forest .

We also advise you which organic seeds to use , the best planters, growing boxes and tables for your garden and essential books to learn everything about organic gardening .

Bilberry, Vaccinium sp. It is a shrubby plant that grows very well in pots, so it is a very interesting crop for gardeners who have urban gardens and want to add some berry cultivation to the vegetable they already have. That is why blueberries are a great crop for terraced gardens, patios and small spaces.

Blueberries belong to the Ericaceae botanical family and are shrubs that can measure between half a meter and six meters in height and can be very long-lived, if you provide minimal care to the blueberry you have a plant for 50 years. The berries can be of different color depending on the different varieties of blueberries, with red, black or purple blueberries.

In addition to enjoying very nutritious and healthy berries, you will see that the blueberry plant is very beautiful and could even be grown as an ornamental plant because of how colorful it is.

Growing blueberries in the organic garden

plant blueberries Sowing and transplanting

The most convenient and simple thing is to transplant a plant with a root ball and start from there. Ecological plants can be found in nurseries.


This plant can withstand low temperatures well (even beyond -20 ºC), while high temperatures above 30 ºC can cause burns on the leaves and shriveled fruits.


The blueberry is a plant that can suffer wind damage, both in the fruits and in the branches. Try to avoid placing your plants in an area with strong wind currents. Wind can also hinder flowering, subsequent flower pollination, and berry drop.


It prefers to have direct exposure to the sun and its performance is higher, although it can adapt to areas with semi-shade.


It must have a soil with a good contribution of organic matter, good drainage to avoid the accumulation of water, it must be light and without caking and with a pH between 5.5 and 4.5. By adding compost or worm humus once a year it is enough to cover the needs of the plant.


The blueberry is a crop that requires regular waterings that keep the soil with a good degree of humidity. It is a plant susceptible to drought and can condition the size of the fruits, being smaller if the plant has not received enough water or if it has had several intervals of drought and irrigation. It is advisable to put some padding to help keep this moisture in the ground.

Flowerpot or container

If you grow the blueberry in an urban garden, the pot or container where it grows should be between 40 and 50 cm deep and approximately 1 m² between plant and plant.


During the winter it is preferable to remove some of the branches that are already 4 or 5 years old and thus we favor the renewal of the branches that will give better fruit and the production is more regular.

Plagues and diseases

The blueberry plant is very rustic in this regard. It is not common for it to have pests and we should not have a lot of work in this regard. However, we must pay attention to certain pests such as mealybugs, nematodes or aphids. Regarding diseases, these plants can suffer botrytis or rot, especially if the spring is rainy and hot.


As soon as the blueberry reaches its characteristic color between bluish and purple, you are ready to harvest them. In general, from the flowering period of the second year of life of the plant to the formation of the berry, between 60 and 90 days can elapse. You will notice that each year productivity increases and that you harvest more berries.


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