Growing the Aloe vera or aloe plant: 7 important tips to keep in mind

The Aloe Vera plant is native to North Africa and has become a widely cultivated plant both indoors and outdoors due to its therapeutic uses and its original and unique appearance. In addition, aloe is relatively easy to plant and maintain in good condition without requiring much constant care.

The Aloe vera or Aloe, Aloe Barbadensis Miller vera is a succulent plants fleshy lanceolate characterized by having a pencas (leaves) with thorns on the sides which are filled with pulp many applications and medicinal properties .

But if you are as impatient as I am and want to start using aloe, here is information on how to prepare aloe vera gel  or, if you prefer, you can find it ready to use and products with aloe vera .

How to plant and care for Aloe vera or Aloe Vera

1.- Whether you are going to grow aloe in pots or directly in the ground, this plant needs to have a good water drainage system, since it is sensitive to the constant excess of water.

2.- Regarding irrigation , aloe vera needs the soil to be slightly damp, but avoiding puddles. It is advisable to apply a drip irrigation to keep the plant properly hydrated but without excesses that can rot the roots.

reproduce aloe vera 3.- If you plant aloe in a pot, make sure it is a minimum of 50 cm deep. The roots need enough space to develop.

4.- The earth must be rich in organic matter and well padded and airy. We must avoid caking because they would hinder the development of the roots and they could not absorb the nutrients and water correctly. Once a year you should add humus to the soil.

5.- Although it can withstand direct sun for several hours, excessive exposure to it can cause burns on the stalks, especially during the hottest season and with more hours of sunshine of the year.

6.- Aloe Vera does not withstand low temperatures (less than 10 ° C constant) and frost can cause damage to the plant, both in the aerial part and in the roots. The most suitable temperature for aloe is between 17 and 27 ºC

7.- Propagation: If you want to have more aloe plants , let the children that emerge from the ground grow and when they are about 20 cm high you can cut them carefully and plant them in another pot or directly in the ground. If you do not want to have more plants, when you see that the suckers are coming out of the ground, cut them so that the mother plant does not waste resources in the development of new plants.

In the photo you can see a youngster that is emerging from the mother plant.

How to use aloe vera

When the plant reaches 2 years of age is when the medicinal properties of aloe are more beneficial and as the plant gets older its properties multiply.

To cut a leaf of aloe vera you just have to choose the outermost and closest to the ground. The outermost stalks should always be cut and go towards the innermost ones. Do this with a sharp, clean knife or razor. Make a clean cut (it is very simple) at the height of the base and close to the trunk itself and let it be the same plant that closes the cut. Preferably cut the stalk in the late afternoon to avoid stress to the plant.

Learn some home remedies that you can prepare with aloe (click here ) .

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