Guide to care for the Alocasia or Elephant Ear plant

The Alocasia  also known as Marquesa, Elephant Ear, Colocasia or Alcolcaz. It is a genus of exotic plants with large leaves and unparalleled beauty, hence they are excellent to decorate both indoors and outdoors. Therefore, follow this simple guide to take care of the Alocasia plant in the best way.

Alocasia plant characteristics

It is a perennial plant that remains evergreen throughout the year and can reach 5 m in height.

It is of the rhizomatous genus, which has an underground stem that is responsible for absorbing water and nutrients.

The leaves are large, lanceolate, elongated, somewhat narrow and borne with fleshy petioles and of an intense green color.

The flowers or false flowers are white. But in reality they are bracts that surround the inflorescences to protect them from inclement weather or pests.

Alocasia plant care

The Alocasia plant  is very resistant, so it is considered easy to grow.

It requires a temperature between 20 and 24˚C. As well as good lighting, but without direct sunlight.

It prefers humid environments, so it is essential that the leaves are sprayed frequently.

In the spring, it is necessary to water abundantly, since it is the period of vegetative resumption. Then it would be necessary to reduce in the cold season.

As for the land, it needs a substrate with peat and sand and optimal drainage.

The compost will be done in the spring and summer, since they are the periods of full vegetative activity. To do this, it is necessary to dilute the compost in irrigation water.

It does not require pruning, rather it is to remove leaves that are damaged, dry or yellow.

Although Alocasia  is a specimen resistant to pests and diseases, it is not exempt from suffering some problems. This is due to insufficient risks, direct sun exposure or poor fertilizers.

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