Heliconia rostrata produces spectacular inflorescences

Heliconia rostrata plant also known as Wild Plantera, Platanillo, Pico de toucán or Bijao . It belongs to the Musaceae family, of the heliconia genus with more than 100 species of tropical plants. Originally from Colombia, Brazil, Venezuela and India.

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Features  Heliconia rostrata

Vivacious plant considered long-lived , since it can live for more than 20 years and reach 4 meters in height. The leaves are large (sometimes 2 meters long), bright green, and leathery. The flowers appear in groups of 8 and can be red or yellow with red. It blooms in late winter to late fall. In case of pollination, the flowers will give rise to small bluish fruits. They are a powerful magnet for hummingbirds, which are attracted by the nectar they store and are their main means of pollination.

Heliconia rostrata care

Indoor plant or greenhouse, since outdoors it requires a tropical climate, but it is also used as a cut flower (only when the flowers have fully opened).

It is a species that requires a light exposure, but without receiving the sun’s rays directly. The temperature should be between 18 to 30˚C.

As for the soil, it must be sandy and rich in organic matter. Planting should be done in late winter.

Irrigation should be enough so that the soil is moist, but never waterlogged. It needs high humidity, so it is convenient to spray the leaves from time to time. Ideally, it should be lime-free water.

Composting is once a year with manure in the winter. To do this, it must be dug a bit so that it penetrates better into the earth. In the spring a mineral fertilizer can be added every 15 days.

It is a plant that is not susceptible to attack by pests and diseases, but what can damage it is cold and drought.

It multiplies by means of seeds, or by division of the plant.

So it is a plant worth having in the garden, if you have enough for it to thrive properly. Now that if this is not the case, maybe as a cut flower at home it will give it that unique touch. What do you say? Do you like it? Do you dare?

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