Holiday Watering: 3 Simple Systems to Water Your Plants

Hello to all gardeners! Today we are going to see three solutions for irrigation on vacation , they are three systems to water the plants when we are not at home . These  simple self-watering systems for pots  will help us  keep our plants alive while we are away from home , whether it be on summer vacations, a getaway or for work.

Watering the plants on vacation

This type of self- watering is also a good option for those who do not have a very good hand with watering or have irregular schedules that can make them forget about cultivation tasks like this. Thanks to these home irrigation systems we  will keep the humidity in the soil in the pots and our plants will not dry out due to lack of water.

Necessary materials

In addition, by using  recycled materials  we put another grain of sand to achieve a more ecological and sustainable garden or planter .

The materials that we are going to use to do the irrigation on holidays are very cheap and easy to get: a cord of esparto and recycled plastic bottles .

3 Holiday Irrigation Systems: Self-Watering for Plants

Irrigation with esparto rope and tank

This first method of irrigation on vacation is very similar to one of those we talked about in the article about recycled self- watering pots .

The only difference is that, in this case, the water tank is not constituted by the flowerpot itself, but is outside. Precisely as a deposit I have used a recycled plastic bottle , but you can use any other container. The water container or reservoir (in my case, the plastic bottle) should have a small surface opening to prevent a lot of water from evaporating in the high summer temperatures.

All we have to do is cut a piece of esparto rope long enough to join the bottle with the substrate, as seen in the image on the left.

It is very important that the rope reaches the bottom of the bottle or tank, so that as the water is used up, the rope can continue to be in contact with it. Finally, bury the other end of the string well so that it does not come out of the substrate and you can go on vacation!

Holiday watering with recycled bottle

This method is based on burying a recycled bottle full of water in the substrate so that the water passes to this second it needs it.

You just have to take a plastic bottle, it can be of any size, but keep in mind that the more capacity you have, the greater the autonomy of irrigation, that is, the longer.

Cut out a small square from the bottom of the bottle” , that is, from the bottom. The cutout has to be large enough so that we can fill the bottle from the outside, but keep in mind that the larger it is, the more evaporation of the water we have stored.

Once the hole is cut , you just have to bury the bottle upside down , with the nozzle in the substrate, and fill it with water through the hole that we have previously cut.

I recommend that, before burying it, you remove the cap from the bottle and plug the nozzle with a cotton cloth ball. I did not do this and put the bottle on the substrate with the spout fully open; the result: a “flood” of the terrace. With the nozzle plugged with cotton, the water will not pass through so easily and you will avoid unwanted puddles .

There are also other variants, such as burying it with the cap on, in which we have previously made a hole so that the water can pass from the bottle to the substrate. With this system the plants last a long time without the need for another type of irrigation .

Irrigation on holidays with Aqueous Gel

As I have commented in the video, I have decided to teach you this “holiday irrigation method” because it is very simple to operate and can be a good alternative to the others. In addition, the gel bottle is smaller than the bottles and goes more unnoticed, for those who are more concerned with aesthetics.

I also decided on this type of self-watering for its price . As I explain in the video, it cost me 99 euro cents , and it has an autonomy of between 15 and 30 days , depending on the environmental conditions and the plant. (If you are interested in other keys to making a cheap urban garden,  I leave that link with other tricks to save when making a garden).

The operation of this self-watering system is very simple. First of all, you need to water the substrate abundantly . Then, make a small hole in it to later bury the bottle of aqueous gel upside down . Of course, do not forget to uncover the pot before burying it!

Now you no longer have an excuse to cultivate throughout the year, even when you are going to be away from home for a while, as we have presented you with several irrigation methods on vacation. In the post about recycled self-watering pots we have another option. As seen in the photo, it is a  planter made of  plastic bottles that have a built-in deposit so that we don’t have to water.

Video tutorial to make a homemade self-watering system

In this case, two of the methods that I propose you can make yourself as I explain in the video, and the last one is a commercial gel that can be a good alternative for those who do not have time or simply prefer this option.

I hope you liked this new video of  Agriculture for RURbanitas, from Agrohuerto TV .  Next, in the description, I leave you the explanation of the three home self-watering methods . I hope you like it!

(Forgive me because the video looks a bit regular, it got dark for me!)

I hope it helps you a lot and that you tell us about your experiences with irrigation on vacation if you have already tried these or other self- watering systems . I wait for you in the next article!

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