Home remedies for piles or hemorrhoids

More than half of the population has suffered or suffers from hemorrhoids or piles and the number of people suffering from them is expected to increase. These appear when the veins at the end of the rectum become dilated and inflamed because they fill with blood that cannot circulate, resulting in hemorrhoids or piles that can be internal and external.

Symptoms such as itching, pain, bleeding, anemia (if the bleeding is persistent), tingling and burning arise as a result of the appearance of piles. In the case of internal hemorrhoids , pain does not usually appear, but we can know that we have them if we see bleeding in the stool. In addition, the stools are more liquid than normal. See a professional when you see these signs. On the other hand, external piles can become very painful, preventing even being able to walk.

The most common causes are constipation, being overweight, pregnancy, poor blood circulation, poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, tight clothing, allergies to some foods, standing for long hours or even genetic predisposition.

Home remedies for hemorrhoids or piles

* Aloe vera:  relieves inflammation, itching and burning sensation. You just have to apply a piece of pulp after washing the area well. You can beat the pulp and store it in a cooler in the freezer, so every time you need it you will have it available and being cold will have a greater effect. You can also add a 3 cm piece of aloe vera pulp to your natural fruit smoothies.

* Ginkgo biloba extract:  when you take your favorite infusion add between 15 and 30 drops of ginkgo extract. This plant is especially beneficial to take care of the veins.

* Plantain and olive oil:  simmer 100 ml of olive oil and add 10 plantain leaves, cut very thin. Stir from time to time and after 20 minutes remove from heat. Let it rest overnight (or eight hours), strain and apply to the previously washed area. Store the oil in the fridge or refrigerator.

* Tomato:  cut a small tomato in half and apply it on the area. Let it act for 15 to 30 minutes.

* Sitz baths with Juniper:  in the bidet or a basin, pour warm water and add 5 drops of Juniper essential oil for each liter of water and remain there for 15 minutes.

* Potato or potato:  relieves the annoying symptoms. You just have to grate a little and put it in the clean area.

* Flax or linseed seeds:  due to their high concentration in fiber, we highlight the need to incorporate these seeds into the diet on a regular basis, they are ground just before being used or added to the natural smoothies that we prepare at home. They also take care of the intestine and help eliminate fat.

* Sitz bath with chamomile :  Make an infusion with 50 gr of dried plant per 100 ml of water. Let stand 20 minutes, strain and add to the warm water of the bidet or basin. We will remain seated for 15 minutes.

* Olive oil and calendula :  with this remedy you will get an anti-inflammatory effect that will calm the area. Add 5 drops of calendula essential oil to two tablespoons of olive oil and apply to the previously washed area.

* Drink Mallow infusion :  this plant contains mucilages that have a laxative effect and are extremely useful when piles are caused by constipation. It can be taken as an infusion 3 times a day, one tablespoon per glass of water.

* Sitz baths with horsetail :  this plant has great healing power and will help heal piles, especially when there is bleeding.

* Castor oil :  for inflamed and swollen piles, apply 4 or 5 drops of this oil directly on the previously washed area. It can be used 3 times a day.

* Sitz baths with cold water:  Simply cold water can be of great relief due to its analgesic effect. You can even use an ice to apply it on the painful area for a calming effect.

* More medicinal plants that we can use in infusion:   there are some medicinal herbs that are especially beneficial to avoid and fight hemorrhoids naturally. For example: witch hazel , yarrow , cypress , comfrey , horse chestnut , burdock , red vine , blackberry, or ash .

But also…

Avoid taking very hot spices, reduce the use of salt, sugar, alcohol, coffee and refined products.

Keep in mind the importance of eating healthy by including more legumes, seeds, as well as fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet and start with a routine to perform physical activity several times a week (walking, swimming, running, skating, etc.). This way you will be able to avoid the appearance of both internal and external hemorrhoids.

In addition to all this general information, you should consult with the corresponding health professional so that they can guide you in your particular case.


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